Nikki has chance for 2024 White House only if has practical road-map to discipline China after dismantling UN through new global order AND MOR. By Hem Raj Jain


Ref:-(i)- without having a legitimate global strategy to comprehensively rope-in politically over-smart non-martial India, Nikki can’t discipline China (ii)-  India will assist the USA in this project only when USA Addresses martial concerns of India (iii)- US-Buddhism will be helpful in achieving ‘independence of Tibet’  (iv)- ‘Recognition of independent Tibet’ by the USA  will be most effective instead of waiting for Taiwan crisis (v)- New liberal participatory global order is necessary for American dreams too

THE unprecedented advance in modern science & technology has made globalization inevitable but without global order globalization is impossible. Anyone who lives in the USA knows that earlier even the people  who used to avoid any political discussion now a days take interest in it and Americans generally are  worried that if the USA loses its status as leader of the free world then not merely the people in developing countries but here in the USA too the people will face threat to their American dream. 

Therefore only those politicians now have any future in the USA who will be seen as willing and competent to again make the USA as de-facto leader of the free world by sponsoring a new liberal global order which will work for establishing and protecting “human rights friendly secular democracy” (necessary for free mind hence for progress of modern technology and sciences including social sciences) all over the world especially where people  strive for it like TIbetans who are having ‘Tibet government in exile’ in India and are suffering emotionally because are away from their motherland.for the last over 60 years 

The Announcement by Nikki Haley of her being in the race for Republican nominee for 2024 US presidential elections (as reported at ) is no doubt can be a turning point in the political life of the USA for the simple reason  that presently there is no other issue related to White House more important and pressing in the USA than putting China at its proper place which recently has demolished the clout of the USA in world community since Covid-19 pandemic (which has adversely affected the life including economic of the entire mankind) which allegedly as per USA originated from Chinese lab with impunity and  Chinese support to Russia despite its brazen invasion through Ukraine war and Chinese continued threat to US Friendly Pacific countries which has constrained even Japan to think about taking  in its own hands from the USA the security of Japan against foreign specially Chinese threat and now Chinese spy balloon breaching the air space of  the USA with impunity etc. etc. 

In politics the strong points invariably become weak points too and it will not be different in Nikki’s case. Nikki is also known through her career at the ‘United Nations’ which has certainly given her some plus points regarding her claim to White House in 2024 because WHite House is expected to handle foreign affairs equally if not more than the domestic affairs of the USA. And it is precisely here that Nikki will have to come out of her past experiences and concepts of global order and will have to think ‘out of box solution’ to the said Chinese problem,  as mentioned below (instead of waiting for Taiwan crisis as she has warned as reported at ) :-

(1)- First and foremost Nikki will have to start declaring publicly much before 2024 elections that at White House she will work for dismantling the US sponsored UN (with veto power to China and Russia) which has become irrelevant after UKraine war (despite ‘Budapest Memorandum 1994’) and she will also work for a new participatory global order where no country will have veto right and every member country will have voting right at its security council commensurate with its contribution of men (including military) money and material (including military) and its record about human rights. This will spare the USA from putting its huge money and its boots on ground all across the world in various war theaters, This one step will tremendously increase the chances of Nikki not only in getting Republican nomination for White House but also in getting the support of the people of the USA for her in 2024 elections.  

(2)- BUT mere declaration of intent to discipline China through a new global order will fool no one unless Nikki has a practical strategy and road map to discipline China. This of course can’t be done merely through the said new global order. For this Nikki will have to hit China at the spot where it hurts China the most, which is of course “Independence of Tibet” . For this Nikki should declare that she will work for a million march of Tibetans from Tawang Monatery (in India’s State of Arunachal Pradesh) to Bejing during winter olympic 2023 where tibetans will carry banners play cards etc demanding ‘indpendence of Tibet’ in presence of global media. But it is easy said than done because (i)-  Tibetans are merely half percent of Chinese population but Tibet is 25 % of Chinese territory hence to what extent nuclear Super power China will go to frustrate  India supported Babngladesh type of Armed Struggle for ‘independence of Tibet’ is any body’s guess (ii)- Dalai Lama is the head of ‘Tibet Government in exile’ at Dharmshala in India who has dual policy because he also talks about territorial integrity of China as reported also at (iii)- India is crucial for independence of Tibet because India (already angry with China due to its recent aggressions in Eastern Ladakh and Tawang) shares longest border with China and has ‘Tibet Government in exile’ on Indian soil but India is an over-smart country which doesn’t engage in military solutions to global problems unless sanctioned by disfunctional & discriminatory global body, the UN. 

(3)- ALL these problems can be addressed if Nikki makes it known that the  Nikki-administration in White House (i)- will encourage those political forces in India (which is largest secular democracy hence in a position to put its boots on ground more than any other country for establishing & protecting new liberal global order) which will enthusiastically work not only to materialize the said new participatory global order but will also support Bangladesh type of armed struggle by Tibetans under this new global order (ii)- will encourage the US-Buddhism which will try to spread among Tibetans in China and in other countries including in India, Nepal and Bhutan (where most of Tibetan diaspora lives) and which (by replacing Dalai Lama) will provide new religious leadership of Tibetan Buddhism which will support independence of Tibet through armed struggle under new global order as generally mentioned at and and most importantly (iii)- Will recognize independence of Tibet and ‘Tibet government in exile’ at dharamshala in India 

(4)- Nikki should also realize that India will not participate and even cooperate  in the said ‘discipline China project of the USA’ unless India sees the USA helpful in solving the chronic problems of Hindu majority India with Muslim Pakistan. The USA can easily do this if works (i)- for materializng ‘Federation of Secular Democratic mini-SAARC of undivided India and Afghanistan) by plebiscite in united J&K as per the mandate of IoA and in Balochistan who’s IoA was taken by Pakistan by military pressure and (ii)- It is pertinent to add that Indian subcontinent is thoroughly communalized because Muslim population remained same rather increased a bit to about 15 % in India but from each of both West And EAst Pakistan (now Bangladesh) 20 % Hindu population was expelled and this needs to be corrected. Hence (iii)- for granting dual citizenship to 160 million forcibly and illegally (as there was no provision of population transfer in “indian Independence Act 1947” )displacedHindus / Sikhs / Muslims and their descendants during partition and then ensuring proper law & order for them in Pakistan & Bangladesh (with military force if necessary of new global order (where citizens will be entitled to move the new global body through NHRCs under surveillance of HRC of new global body and not merely by  the State as was the case with  OP-1 of ICCPR of UN ) to protext the human rights specially of religious minorities which are incessently and repeatedly violated in Pakistan as also reported at ] and (iii)- by asking India to militarily enforce "Indo-Afghan Strategic Partnership Agreement  of 2011" to bring secular democracy in Afghanistan under the said new participatory global order. 

(5)- Though culturally India is a non-martial country (practicing ‘Brahmanism’ especially under Hindutva forces presently in power) doesn’t adopt a policy which makes warriors (Kshatriyas) important in its political system. Still such a massive political overhaul of India can be done by Nikki because she has links with India out of her origin and her party the Republicans has a massive support base among Inidians and even among influential Indian diaspora in the USA. 

Therefore if  Nikki Haley wants to be in 2024 White House then she can realize this aspiration only by resolving to make the USA again the de-facto leader of the free world through new world body sponsored by the USA by ‘out of the box solution’ as mentioned above by disciplining China by politically roping-in India comprehensively in this massive historical project of the USA.

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