In view of Ukraine-war on pattern of NATO, South & Central Asia should launch SCATO for left-behind Hindus and majority of Muslims. By Hem Raj Jain


Ref:-  (i)- SCATO needed because Western Christians and Chinese have advanced economically and are creating huge problems for economically left-behind Hindus and Muslims (ii)- SCATO members wouldn’t enter in any other military alliance / treaty without approval of SCATO (iii)- Afghanistan is already preparing to plunge the region into war by showing territories of its neighbors as its own (iv)- Afghan Taliban relentlessly keeping military pressure on Pakistan (v)- If Taliban not stopped by SCATO it may result in ‘Jihadi Islamistan’  

There are four major human groups namely the Christians, Muslims, Chinese and Hindus (in broader sense including Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains as per Article 25 of the Indian constitution). Out of these two the Western Cristians and Chinese (with the help of the West especially after end of cold war) have progressed economically and are creating huge problems for other two Hindus and Muslims [recently first by US-economic crisis of 2007-08 then Coronavirus (Covid-19 and its variants) then by Ukraine war and even full blown Taiwan crisis is in the waiting].

The Ukraine war has already demolished the global order of the UN which was sponsored by the USA where Russia and China (ally of Russia in Ukraine war) have veto power which doesn’t allow the USA and its allies to invoke military power of the UN Security Council. Moreover there is no end in sight for the resolution of Ukraine crisis for the simple reason that Russia after giving so much lives and blood since February 24, 2022 can’t return 5 territories of Ukraine (Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson which Russia has annexed through its Parliamentary resolution despite ‘Budapest Memorandum’) back to Ukraine and NATO countries (which, without putting their boots on ground, are providing arms, ammunition, military training & intelligence and money to Ukraine to fight Russia till last Ukrainian) can’t ask Ukraine (which has given so much lives and blood and has suffered so much) to forget its said 5 regions in order to stop this war. 

Hence the worst is yet to come in the Ukraine crisis including maybe nuclear flare-up and in such a grave situation Hindus and Muslims (to the extent possible) should come together in a military alliance to face this crisis & challenge and to create a formidable pressure group in international politics. This can be done practically and effectively if generally on the pattern of NATO first the South & Central Asia launch SCATO (South & Central Asia Treaty Organization) for the benefit of left-behind Hindus (India) and majority of Muslims (non - petrodollar Muslim countries) as given below:-

(1)- Due to historical reasons the SCATO may have the countries of SAARC plus Myanmar (having Rohingya problem) and Afghanistan bordering Muslim countries of Central Asia namely Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. 

(2)- Iran (though having petroleum but has been denied petrodollars due to crippling sanctions on it by the West led by the USA) can also join SCATO (maybe with some other name for this extended-SCATO). It is justified by history as like Central Asian countries Iran was hugely & profoundly involved in India (during Muslim / Mughal rules of India of over 500 years) where Persians & Persian language (by using syntax & grammar of Hindi gave birth to Urdu, the official language of Pakistan and is known and spoken by many in India) were essential part of these Muslim / Mughal rules in India. 

(3)- Due to the history of this region Hindi in Devanagari script (and its variants  Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali etc) or Persian (at its variants) or English are three major languages which are used by all the people of extended-SCATO. If religion is also considered then countries practicing Hinduism (its element Buddhism) and Islam (like in Malaysia, Indonesia) of East Asia (Pacific countries)  can also be included in extended-SCATO.

(4)- The extended-SCATO, if necessary, can be in two phases. In the first phase it should be mandatory in SCATO for every member country (which wants to join immediately on the basis of this condition) to adopt secular democracy because it is necessary for free-mind which is sine-qua-non for progress of modern science & technology which has made mankind unprecedentedly powerful. Then the same condition in the second phase too for remaining extended-SCATO countries.

(5)- The SCATO or extended-SCATO will have all the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ (the WMDs including nuclear) of member countries in its possession which will be destroyed in cooperation with world bodies as per practical considerations & threat perceptions. 

(6)- The SCATO or extended-SCATO will be used  (i)- Against external aggression on member countries (ii)- Against serious internal threats to law & order as is mentioned in 130 & 131 Cr.P.C. (Criminal Procedure Code) of India  (iii)- For handling large natural calamities (iv)- Against mass violation of human rights in erring member countries. 

(7)- There will be one currency with proper asset-backup for the SCATO or extended-SCATO countries with its Central bank in one of the member countries and its adequate number of branches shall be in every member country. There will be free trade & movement between member countries of the SCATO or extended-SCATO.

(8)- The member countries of  SCATO or extended-SCATO can merge or split by referendum based on minimum population & area and on common factors of language, geography etc. Moreover, SCATO members wouldn’t enter with any other country or organization in any other military alliance / treaty without approval of SCATO 

(9)- The extended-SCATO will be geographically close territory hence quite workable and it will have about 2.5 billion people in it which will make it the largest consumer market of the world hence will be a formidable pressure group in international politics which will enable it to stop the Western Christians and Chinese to again create such global problems as they so-far have been creating with impunity.

(10)- If the SCATO and extended-SCATO are not achieved urgently then one danger is looming large in the region. Afghanistan led by Taliban is already preparing to plunge the region into war by showing territories of its neighbors as its own as displayed in Kabul as shown at . As a part of this strategy Afghan Taliban are keeping military pressure on Pakistan by attacks in which people are dying and getting injured (on Sunday also) as reported at . 

(11)- If this misadventure by Taliban is not stopped then it may lead to ‘Jihadi Islamistan’ with or without help of Imran (as mentioned at  or ) especially in view of the Ukraine war which will bring Putin’s Russia under huge military pressure due to likely war between Russia and NATO as the head of NATO expressed worry that the fighting in Ukraine could spin out of control as reported at

(12)- To materialize the SCATO and  extended-SCATO, seminars should urgently be conducted in its member countries in which people from all the SCATO and extended-SCATO countries should be allowed / invited to participate.

It is hoped the Hindus and majority of Muslims will stop behaving naively & suicidally and will realize their miserable condition in the contemporary world hence will join hands in the military alliance of SCATO and extended-SCATO (encompassing also the two ancient & great civilizations of India and Persia).

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