In view of Ukraine war Imran / PTI can shape destiny of SAARC (lagged-behind Hindus & Muslims) if keep long march & dharna as per law. By Hem Raj Jain


Two major human groups Western Christians & Chinese have progressed economically but two others Hindus & Muslims (without petro-dollars) have lagged behind, hence need for SAARC (ii)- Partition thoroughly communalized Indian subcontinent and scuttled its progress hence undoing of partition is necessary (iii)- During launch of new liberal global order in view of Ukraine war, first the mini-SAARC and then extended SAARC will have adequate bargaining power / clout 

– Though former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been trying (for early election to National Assembly) including by 'Jalsa' (public meetings), march to Islamabad etc since he lost government through allegedly US-backed no-confidence vote in April 2022 but now it has become a low hanging fruit for him and his party PTI  if keeps proposed long march, on the right side of law, which he will take-up from Friday as reported at - . It will go a long way not only in getting early elections but also in solving the pressing economic & strategic problems of Pakistan and of the region if Imran does the following:-

1)- First and foremost Imran should realize that:- 

(i)- There are four major human groups in this world namely Western Christians, Muslims, Chinese and Hindus and about them the present reality is that the two the Muslims (without petro-dollars) & Hindus have lagged behind whereas other two major human groups the Western Christians & Chinese have progressed economically and they are not concerned about others that is why they are creating maximum problems all across the world (through Corona, Ukraine war, Taiwan threat etc). Hence the need for first the mini-SAARC (Undivided India + Afghanistan which doesn’t recognize Durand Line) and then geographically contiguous extended-SAARC (SAARC + Myanmar having Rohingya and Kachin problem + Central Asia, with historical relations, bordering SAARC).  

(ii)- In this age of unprecedented advance in modern science & technology, especially in the IT sector, global order is inevitable. Moreover, a free mind is necessary for the progress of modern science & technology which is possible only in secular democracy (secularism doesn't finish religion as is evident from the case of the Christian West too). World War II finished the 'League of Nations’ and the Ukraine War finished the 'United Nations'.  Hence a new participatory global order of rule based secular democracies is needed where no member will have veto power but every member will have voting right commensurate with its contribution of men (including military), money, material (including military) and its record of human rights (including about secularism, democracy and freedom of religion including conversion out of free choice). During launch of this new liberal global order, first the mini-SAARC and then extended SAARC will have adequate bargaining power / clout which will ensure justice to member countries of mini / extended SAARC.

(iii)- As compared to the record of the present leaders in mini-SAARC (namely India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan) the record of Imran Khan about democracy & secularism has been praiseworthy (may be due to his more exposure to Western world). Hence Imran is best suited to usher first the mini-SAARC region and then the extended SAARC region into a responsible member of the said new world body of rule based secular democracies. 

(2)- If Imran realizes that [ Hindus are also communal but as far as fanatic-highhandedness, the Muslims of Indian subcontinent have been extremely more than Hindus hence due to partition about 20 % population each of Pakistan and Bangladesh of Hindus were expelled whereas Muslims have remained the same in India rather increased a bit to about 15 % (if illegal immigrants mainly from Bangladesh are taken into account). Moreover practically all Kashmiri Pandits were expelled from Muslim majority Kashmir and that too in presence of military of Hindu majority India ] - then Imran can easily materialize the mission of mini-SAARC as given below :-

(i)- In Pakistan, Imran (for early elections in which he is bound to come in power easily) has to merely take the proposed long march and then Dharna (sit-in) at Islamabad (which is the legal right of PTI but at any place in the Union capital provided by the government) without committing the mistake which Imran did in May 2022. This time Imran should take permission from local / concerned authorities for marches from various places in Pakistan to Islamabad and then for Jalsa & Dharna at Islamabad. If authorities deny such permission then Imran / PTI should approach courts (from Subordinate Courts to High Courts and then to Supreme Court) for relief. If the Supreme Court also doesn’t give  permission for these marches, Jalsa and dharnas then Imran / PTI should carry out the 'fill the prison movement' for obtaining these permission. Imran need not do anything more than these to get an early election in Pakistan for the simple reason that two powerful opponents of Imran have become weak first the USA (due to Ukraine war) and second the Pak military due to murder of journalist Arshad Sharif in Kenya (which, in the eyes of Pakistanis, is because under military pressure first Arshad had to leave Pakistan and then was not allowed to live in UAE hence Arshad had to go to unsafe Kenya hence it has aroused huge anti-military sentiments in Pakistan).

(ii)- In India, all existing political parties are communal (some more some less) hence Imran has to merely ask some of his friends and acquaintances (which are many in India) to launch a political party which will openly (through its website) demand the said mini-SAARC. Nobody can stop this Imran supported political party from coming to power in coming  elections for Local Bodies, Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha if this political party also says (through its website) that it will recover Rs. 1,000 Trillion income tax (about 45 % of over 2,200 Lakh crore) from about one million fake farmers, as has been discussed in 2016 April in Indian Parliament and in prominent media as mentioned  at  and ) This huge-State capital can easily be retrieved [for ‘Legally Enforceable Minimum Support Price’ (LEMSP) for 40 agricultural items and for other economic activities by deploying this State-capital profitably] by 'dharnas' at all the Tehsil / Taluka headquarters by this party which will make this Imran supported party a formidable political force all across India because two third population of India is fully or partly dependent on farm-income and lakhs of farmers have committed suicide due to nonremunerative prices of agricultural produce.

(iii)- In Bangladesh also, if existing political parties do not agree then Imran should get a political party launched in Bangladesh too (through his friends and acquaintances) which is bound to come in power in 2023 Parliamentary elections because Ukraine war and economic problems are bothering Bangladesh too. This mini-SAARC will also solve the problems of crores of illegal immigrants in India from Bangladesh.

(iv)- In Afghanistan, in addition to other factors (especially approach to sea to a landlocked country) the elimination of Durand Line in mini-SAARC will be enough factors for Afghanistan to greet the said mini-SAARC and these factors will make the task of Imran easier to persuade Afghanistan to join mini-SAARC. 

It is hoped Imran and his party PTI will grab this opportunity to take a lead in the interest of peace & prosperity of the SAARC region (first mini and then extended) and also to get an important / dominant position in the new global order which is bound to be launched sooner than later in view of the Ukraine war.


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