For global US-military-dominance, USA should realize importance of jihad & martyrdom (invoked by Sauds) in contemporary world. By Hem Raj Jain


State has duty / right to watch financial matters of religion too (ii)- Ukrainians are suffering because their religion (of majority, the Christianity) didn’t understand the importance of military power and neglected this-worldly interests of its followers. 

By this time (when Russia has already demolished the global order of US-sponsored UN through Ukraine war where Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 and has formally annexed four more regions of Ukraine namely Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson) it is hoped the people of the USA must have realized that if the USA (even in its own interests) wants to lead a rule based global order of secular democracies with necessary global US-military-dominance then there is no other alternative than to encourage the emergence of new religions or the new sects of existing religions which (in addition to other tenets) will necessarily imbibe the basic Islamic tenets of jihad & martyrdom, as mentioned below:-

(1)- A cousin of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman issued a violent threat of jihad & martyrdom against the West (amid souring relations over a decision by Opec+ to cut oil production) and this threat was officially downplayed by saying ‘this is a private individual who made a personal statement that has nothing to do with the state’ as reported at , but it has profound connotations and which the USA shouldn’t ignore. 

(2)- First and foremost the USA should understand that there is no other cardinal sin more sinful than to lead a life without power which is nothing but military power [which subsumes three powers as Hindus call these namely the economic power (symbolized by Goddess Laxmi) power of technology / learning (symbolized by Goddess Saraswati) and power of combat fit soldiers (symbolized by Goddess Bhavani)]. Even about law & order during riots, it is ultimately the military power which matters as under sections 130 & 131 of CrPC in India too. But there is a fundamental difference in military power in a monarchy and in democracy. In monarchy the monarch is concerned with military power to mainly protect his / her government whereas in democracy the people should be concerned about military power in the interest of protecting their way of life (military power of a country doesn't mean anything if it is not meant to protect the citizens in a democracy). 

(3)- Otherwise the people like Jews (who in tens of millions were victims of holocaust during World War-II) and the Hindus (including Sikhs, Buddhs and Jains as per Article 25 of Indian Constitution) and Muslims (who all were victims of partition of India in 1947 when they were killed and forcibly displaced in tens of millions) find death, destruction and dishonoring of their women suddenly knocking at their door for the simple reason that their religions (including Islam at that time) didn’t imbibe the tenets of jihad & martyrdom (the basic tenets of Islam). In the present world no one knows this reality more than the people of Ukraine who are victims (where reportedly one third of Ukraine is already either internally displaced or refugees in other countries and still there is no relief in sight for Ukrainians) because their religion (Christianity) didn’t understand the importance of military power despite what happened in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea despite 'Budapest Memorandum 1994’ and despite the global order of the US-sponsored UN where for eight years the world community couldn't retrieve Crimea for Ukraine from Russia and still Ukraine foolishly depended on world community (specially on NATO countries) against Russia in 2022.  

(4)- The said confusion in the followers of all the religions is due to two reasons:- 

(i)- People think that Islam is what is being practiced. The Muslims are weeping & bleeding profusely in tens of millions from Myanmar to NAME region for the simple reason that the clergy of Islam has not updated itself (due to lack of creativity on its part) and instead of relying on the basic preaching of Quran (which is the real message of prophet Muhammad) they are depending more on ‘Hadis, Sharia etc’ which are mostly out-dated. On the contrary any body who knows any thing about Quran knows that Islam is the only religion which suits modern science & technology because it worships the abstract and Islam is the only religion which is commensurate with democracy because it keeps the State under the influence of the people (of course through RELIGION).

(ii)- People erroneously think that this is the age of secularism hence there is no need for religion but such thinking is wrong. In every country (including in secular) majority of the people follow religion and give considerable money, properties, influence, utmost respect etc to religion.  Religion is the custodian of the CONTEMPORARY values of the society that is how it keeps itself up-dated and then only it can deal with other-worldly matters. Hence unless a religion is concerned about the this-worldly interests of the people the followers of such religions are bound to suffer.

(5)- In the contemporary world of dominant secular democracy a religion can protect the vital this-worldly interests of their followers only if they imbibe the tenets of jihad & martyrdom (the basic tenet of Islam). The ‘jihad’ where the people & their religion will struggle / fight to ensure that there is a military power (on its own by their country or by military alliance of their country with militarily powerful other country / countries) to protect their vital this-worldly interests.  The ‘martyrdom’ where their religion will expect from its followers to even offer martyrdom for acquiring such effective military power in an ORGANIZED way so that they don't become victims of their irresponsible behavior (the cardinal sin as mentioned above) which invariably leads to their mass killings, genocides etc (as happened to Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Ukrainians etc as mentioned above where they ran / are running helter-skelter like headless chickens).

(6)- Though some people may think I am canvassing for my religion Jainism which is the only religion which was started by a King having military power of the State [Lord Adinath / Rishabh Dev, the King, the first Tirthankara (Prophet) is founder of Jainism and not Lord Mahavir (the 24th Tirthankara the Prince who renounced the to-be-inherited kingdom) as is popularly & erroneously believed]. But it is not so because like other religions the religious leaders of present Jainism also lack creativity to update Jainism hence present Jainism is not relevant to democracy. 

(7)- It is the legal duty & right of the State to ensure that any person / organization / institution (including religion) which earns (takes in lieu of some  work / service) money (on the territory under control of the State) not only does it legally / legitimately but also in a way which strengthens the State and not weaken it. 


Hence if the USA wants to lead the inevitable (due to unprecedented advance in modern science & technology especially in IT sector) global order then it should ensure that new religions or new sects of existing religions emerge all across the world that will take interest in the vital interests of their followers about this-worldly matters because only that will ensure the peaceful & prosperous global order of rule based secular democracies under the military leadership of the USA.

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