BRS can easily dominate 2024 election in ‘post Ukraine war world’ if becomes party of Center and not in compromised alliance of State parties. By Hem Raj Jain


The ‘Telangana Rashtra Samithi’ (TRS) Chief and Telangana chief minister  K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) on Wednesday has converted the TRS into national party ‘Bharat Rashtra Samithi’ (BRS)  as reported at

It has happened at the right time. The BRS can easily dominate 2024 Loksabha elections if it realizes that there is a fundamental difference between a party of Centre and of States. Center deals with martial matters because it has a military whereas States deal with civilian subjects because they have police as apparatus of sanctioned physical coercion. Moreover, even law & order is also ultimately a union subject during riots under section 130 & 131 of the CrPC. Therefore the BRS will be a formidable political force in 2024 Loksabha elections only when it addresses military power, national power, political power and economic power as given below (by mentioning these on party website) :-

(1)- For MILITARY POWER which presently is the most important due to on-going Ukraine war, the following should be done - 

(i)- There should be genuine federalism where only martial subjects (defense, communication, national transportation, currency, foreign affairs etc) should be  with the Union and all civilian subjects should be with States including natural resources (even Railways should be National and State).

(ii)-  Defense policy of India should be formed by keeping in mind the on-going Ukraine war which is constraining India to decide in which camp India should go. Whether with the free world (of secular democracy with rule-of-law) led by the USA or with China / Russia who take the benefit of world order and at the same time destroy the global order (through the Ukraine war) without doing anything to rectify the defects (if any) of the  global order (which is inevitable due to unprecedented advance in modern science & technology especially in IT sector).

(iii)-  For acquiring military power, India should understand that due to lack of military power (because unlike 13 colonies of the USA it didn’t raise guns for independence against Britishers) India was trifurcated in 1947 on the basis of religion which has thoroughly communalized Indian subcontinent and which is putting immense hurdles in the peace & prosperity of this region. Hence India will gain military power not only when partition is undone but when 'Greater India' (from Kanyakumari / Sri Lanka to Central Asia and from Myanmar to Iran) is brought under one political / military authority. In the 'post Ukraine war world' it is necessary if 'Greater India' wants to live with peace and prosperity.

 (iv)- If India succeeds (with military support of the USA which only is willing to provide leadership to global order) in bringing the ‘Federation of Secular Democracy of Greater India’ (FSDGI), comprising over 2 billion people of SAARC, Iran, Myanmar and Central Asia) under one political system and the largest consumer market of the world, it would help the liberal global order. It will also benefit about 800 million Muslims of FSDGI (including Afghanistan & Iran) who will have the benefit of secular democracy which other countries of Muslim world don’t have. For this - 

(a)-  First the recent relevant history of India. The Britishers removed three main military powers in India from 1757 to 1857 and ruled up to 1947 [the Muslims of Central Asia & Iran, Marathas (who conquered almost entire undivided India though ruled only West, Central and part of South India) and Sikhs (who during Maharaja Ranjeet Singh ruled from Sutlej , Himachal Pradesh, J&K in India to most of Pakistan and went up to Afghanistan]. Other warrior classes of India like Rajputs, Jats, Gurkhas, Dogras  etc were in 'mansabdari' / suzerainty arrangement with either Mughals or Britishers.

(b)- The FSDGI can be realized without any legal or other difficulties especially in view that the partition of India has been rendered illegal because population transfer was not part of “Indian Independence Act 1947” passed by the British Parliament. But about 160 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims (including their descendants) were forcibly displaced during the partition of India, the partition which was carried out when India was a member of the US-sponsored UN. Hence the USA has every legal right & duty to enforce said ‘dual citizenship’ which is bound to culminate into undoing the partition of India (in addition to secular democracy in Afghanistan by relying on  ‘2011 Indo- Afghan strategic agreement’ as mentioned at ) The political model of the FSDGI is easily workable if its civilian and military matters are kept separate as (i)- The civilian matters of the FSDGI  should be left to its all member countries (existing or carved-out from existing out of free choice of its people) of the FSDGI (ii)- Military matters of FSDGI should be conducted by a martial body in which command structure can be of two tiers, the USA at the top and all the countries of the FSDGI at the second tier.

(v)- The BRS will be able to attain & retain military power of India only when in the present globalized world it formulates the policies keeping strategic and military requirements of India (especially in ‘post Ukraine war world’) in view.

(2)-  For NATIONAL POWER  (on the basis of Hindi Rashtra) the following should be done - 

(i)- During Muslim rule not only the Persian language (later on Urdu by taking most of the words from Persian / Farsi with syntax and grammar of Hindi) was the language of rulers but Iranians comprised the major part of the administration of Muslim rulers in India including of Mughals. Even Afghanistan (where Buddhism was practiced as evident from Bamiyan Buddha which were demolished by Taliban in 2001) became separate after Abdali (of Panipat fame) who was military commander of Nadir Shah of Iran who sacked Delhi in 1739. Hence due to Muslim rule and British rule in India the area from Myanmar (having Rohingya problem) in East to Iran in West and from Kanyakumari / Sri Lanka (declared bankrupt country) in South to Central Asia in North is Greater India where Hindi (and its variant Punjabi, Gujarat, Marathi, Bengali etc) in Devanagari script and Urdu (which can also be written in Devanagari script) can easily be understood. Even South India uses Sanskrit (the mother of Hindi) in Devanagari script in its major religion, Hinduism. In other words, Greater India using many languages with ONE Devanagari script will give emotional unity to Greater India. 

(3)- For POLITICAL POWER the following should be done -

(i)- The BRS should be made member based party where all the territorial office bearers at local level shall be elected by party members and other office bearers up to national level shall be elected by office bearers of one lower level. Moreover, the election of party candidates (in National, State and Local Body elections) should be financed by the party because elected representatives work only for those who finance their elections.

(ii)- In monarchy (Rajtantra) the State runs the people whereas in democracy (Prajatantra) people run the State hence the moral of the people should be higher than the moral of the State. But in Hindu majority India the majority of Hindus  are getting reservation with demoralizing tag of the backward and oppressed casted (so-called Dalits the SC & ST) hence they are demoralized hence can’t run democracy. Therefore BRS should work to eliminate reservation with a demoralizing tag. There is no harm in reservation to those people who think they can't get jobs in government on merit due to social prejudice but this reservation shouldn't be with a demoralizing tag.  

(4)- For ECONOMIC POWER the following should be done:-

(i)- No political party is working for it hence BRS should work to recover Rs. 1,000 Trillion income tax (about 45 % of over 2,200 Lakh crore) from about one million fake farmers, as has been discussed in 2016 April in Indian Parliament and in prominent media as mentioned above in article PCP 233. This huge-State capital can easily be retrieved [for ‘Legally Enforceable Minimum Support Price’ (LEMSP) for 40 items and for other economic activities by deploying this State-capital profitably] by 'dharnas' (sit-ins) at all the Tehsil / Taluka headquarters by the BRS which will make the BRS a formidable political force all across India because two third population of India is fully or partly dependent on farm-income.

(ii)- Every economically developed country (USA, China, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Russia etc) works in its mother tongue that is why they are developed. Hence the BRS should declare on its website that it will work for developing Hindi to the extent that it can be used in all fields (including modern science & technology and in allopathic medicines) within a period of (say) 3-5 years in all the Hindi speaking and Hindi variant speaking States of the FSDGI. Remaining States of the FSDGI shall be free to choose their native languages in Devanagari script or to adopt such developed Hindi in work in due course of time.

(iii)- The BRS should declare that it will forfeit all the public debts of Union and State governments which are beyond the security of consolidated funds of the governments which have been incurred in violation of Article 292 & 293 of the Constitution of India by taking untenable excuse of the unconstitutional FRBMA. Moreover, India will encourage electronic banking by making all the transactions of the governments and public sector undertaking (including in diesel, petrol, milk, fertilizers, municipal facilities like water, electricity etc) cashless, in the interest of not only reducing the black money but also for making Indian currency with adequate asset-back-up.  

It is hoped KCR will provide a genuine secular democratic party of the Center (and not like Congress which is subtly communal and BJP which is crudely communal) through ‘Bharat Rashtra Samithi’ which will usher the region into ‘Federation of Secular Democracy of Greater India’ which is the need of this region especially in the ‘post Ukraine war world’.

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