Defending Taliban wouldn't do rather Karzai should be prepared to work for mini-SAARC by relying on Indo- Afghan strategic agreement. By Hem Raj Jain


This refers to the interviews given by former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai to India media as and . In these interviews Karzai has expressed his good wishes for Afghanistan but the road map suggested by him for bringing recognition, peace, stability and prosperity to Afghanistan is not enough rather is self-defeating. If Karzai wants to realize these objectives then he should do the following:-

(1)- First of all Karzai should stop defending the Taliban. Whatever Karzai has said in these interviews gives an impression as if he is a spokesperson for the Taliban. One fails to understand that when two policy matters namely inclusivity and gender parity (which as per Karzai, everyone wants in Afghanistan including Taliban) and even security to people including to hundreds of thousand (who fled out of fear of Taliban) who want to return to Afghanistan, can easily be achieved by establishing rules based democracy with universal adult franchise in Afghanistan then why Karzai is not getting it done by Taliban.

(2)- Whatever might have been the mistakes of the USA in its 20 years of stay in Afghanistan and they are plenty to be sure and for that the USA has been castigated world wide including in global media. But Karzai should not forget that the role of two Pashtun Presidents Karzai himself and Ashraf Ghani are suspect in the eyes of the world community. 

(3)- Can Karzai enlighten the world that the USA made Karzai & Ghani (both Pashtuns) as Presidents by assuming that being Pashtuns they will be able to bring Pashtuns in mainstream democratic politics of Afghanistan then how it happened that Taliban (a Pashtun dominated militant organization) could create so much killings and bloodshed during their Presidencies. It clearly proves that both Karzai & Ghani being Pashtun were soft on ‘Pashtun majority militant Taliban’ which ultimately resulted in the coming to power of Taliban in 2021 August through armed uprising.

(4)- Moreover billions of dollars (donated by the USA and others) were spent for developing Afghan military for the protection of democracy in Afghanistan but when time came to defend Afghanistan, Prez Ghani fled the country by giving an absurd excuse that he didn’t want life & blood to be lost of military of Afghanistan and of Taliban (both having Pashtuns in majority). After such betrayal of the State of Afghanistan by two Pashtun Presidents of Afghanistan, will anyone in the world community take the words of Pashtun leaders of Afghanistan at their face value.

(5)- Now Karzai should immediately talk to the Taliban for establishing democracy with universal adult franchise in Afghanistan (which will get recognition for the Afghanistan government from the world community and de-freezing of its reserves etc which will pave the way for justice and prosperity of Afghanistan). If Taliban doesn’t agree then Karzai should try to make Afghanistan a secular democratic country with universal adult franchise by becoming a member of mini-SAARC - 1 by taking military help from India by relying on 2011 Indo- Afghan strategic agreement as mentioned at . In this mini-SAARC - 1 initially there will be only two countries namely India and Afghanistan and later on two more countries are bound to join it namely Pakistan and Bangladesh which will make it mini-SAARC - 2 as explained below.

(6)- To achieve this mini-SAARC - 1 first and foremost Karzai should request India to allow him to establish his ‘Government of Afghanistan in exile’ in India. As soon as Karzai establishes his government in exile in India, Indians (especially Indian Muslims who are suffering due to India’s partition) will file writ petitions in the Supreme Court of India (SCI) (i)- Because there was no provision of population transfer in ‘Indian Independence Act 1947’ hence writ petition for directing the government of India (GoI) for granting ‘dual citizenship’ to about 160 million Hindus / Sikhs / Muslims and their descendants who were  forcibly displaced from their mother land (ii)- For directing the GoI to work for immediate plebiscite in J&K as per its Instrument of Accession (IoA) to India and in Balochistan who’s IoA was taken by Pakistan under military pressure (These Plebiscites are bound to provide land access to mini-SAARC military to Afghanistan because J&K & Balochistan are highly like to opt for independence in Plebiscites and then will join mini-SAARC). 

(7)- Once these writ petitions are filed in the SCI nobody can stop the reunification of India. Karzai must be knowing that India is also mildly communal but Pakistan & Bangladesh are the worst case.The Muslim population remained same rather increased a bit to 15 % (if Muslims illegal immigrants mainly from Bangladesh are also taken into consideration) in India whereas Pakistan & Bangladesh each have expelled their about 20 % Hindu population from their countries. Therefore in case safety & security of Hindus / Sikhs (including with ‘dual citizenship’) are not provided satisfactorily by Pakistan & Bangladesh (which will not be provided due to Pakistan & Bangladesh being highly communalized country) then the joint military of mini-SAARC - 1 will enter both the countries (Pakistan and Bangladesh) in order to ensure the human rights of Hindus / Sikhs. Moreover once India is in the process of thus getting reunited, the realization of mini-SAARC - 2 is inevitability especially in view of the fact that Afghanistan doesn’t recognize the ‘Durand Line’.

(8)- Karzai should also know that Government of India (GoI) is in a position to achieve spectacular economic progress for mini-SAARC - 2 due to simple reason that India can easily recover Rs 1,000 Lakh Crore (One thousand Trillion) income tax from about 1 million fake farmers as has been discussed in 2016 April in Indian Parliament and in prominent media (as  and ) The  GoI presently is not recovering this huge State-capital because these fake farmers are politically powerful but under the pressure of other countries of “Federation of Secular Democratic mini-SAARC - 2” (which will embolden the Indians too to demand the recovery of this huge amount of income tax) the GoI will be constrained to do it. 

Therefore former President Hamid Karzai should work for establishing rules based democracy with universal adult franchise in Afghanistan first by persuading Taliban to do it and if it fails then Karzai should work for mini-SAARC as mentioned above by relying mainly on the 2011 Indo- Afghan strategic agreement signed by Karzai himsel

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