Biden should work for extended-SAARC with US-military support if REALLY interested in free world and not merely in customary sympathy for Rushdie. By Hem Raj Jain


One is appalled at the callousness of President Joe Biden who said after attack on Salman Rushdie in New York State of the USA that - “[I am grateful to the first responders and the brave individuals who jumped into action to render aid to Rushdie and subdue the attacker.]” as mentioned at  . Entire world was expecting that Biden would at least apologize for the security lapse of US-administration, under Biden’s watch, which could not provide an elementary security to a person who has globally become a symbol of the freedom of expression against the lethal threats by fanatic Islamist Jihadis with the complicity of even Islamist-State.

Biden seems to think that by issuing high sounding meaningless statements such as - “[And today, we reaffirm our commitment to those deeply American values in solidarity with Rushdie and all those who stand for freedom of expression]” - the freedom loving world will exonerate him (Biden) from the responsibility of multiple stabbing of Salam Rushdie on Friday in the USA. 

If Biden is REALLY interested in protecting freedom of expression and in eliminating lethal threat to such freedom from fanatic Islamists then Biden will have to do / know  three things (i)- Biden should know that Islamist fanaticism is still surviving rather thriving in the world due to the simple reason that there are large Muslim majority countries which promote it especially Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan aggressively and even Bangladesh mildly (ii)- Biden will have to rely on whatever can be done in the GIVEN situation to eradicate this fanatic Islamist Jihadi mindset (iii)- Extended-SAARC is the only GIVEN entry point for the USA and without enforcing freedom of religion in extended-SAARC the USA can’t achieve freedom of expression.

The extended-SAARC region (SAARC + Iran + Myanmar + bordering Central Asia) has cultural & historical unity due to (A)- Languages [English due to British rule, Hindi (and its variants like Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali etc) and Persian (Urdu uses majority of words from Persian and uses syntax & grammar of Hindi) being still used by its people] and (B)- Muslim invaders & rulers especially from 11th to 19th century came in undivided India from Iran, Afghanistan and bordering Central Asia. 

Hence this region of ‘Federation of Secular Democratic extended-SAARC’ (of about 2.1 billion people, more than quarter of world’s population) can easily be brought & kept under one political authority with the help of US-military as given below:-

(1)-  To kick-start the process of realizing extended-SAARC it shouldn’t be difficult for the USA to get writ petitions filed in the Supreme Court of India (SCI) (i)- Because there was no provision of population transfer in ‘Indian Independence Act 1947’ hence writ petition for directing the government of India (GoI) for granting ‘dual citizenship’ to about 160 million Hindus / Sikhs / Muslims and their descendants who were  forcibly displaced from their mother land (ii)- For directing the GoI to work for time bound plebiscite in J&K as per its Instrument of Accession (IoA) to India and in Balochistan who’s IoA was taken by Pakistan under military pressure. - Once these writ petitions are filed in the SCI nobody can stop the reunification of India. Moreover once India is reunited the realization of extended-SAARC is only a matter of time and little diplomacy

(2)- Simultaneously the USA should enter into a military treaty with extended-SAARC which can be signed initially by the leader of extended-SAARC, India. Later on other countries of  extended-SAARC’ can sign it gradually and one by one. Under this treaty there will be joint military command of the USA & first India and then other countries of extended-SAARC will be included in it. This joint military command will be under command and control of the USA and in case safety & security of Hindus / Sikhs (including with ‘dual citizenship’) are not provided satisfactorily by Pakistan & Bangladesh then this military (with joint command) will enter such erring countries in order to ensure the human rights of Hindus / Sikhs. This joint military command will also bring nukes of India and then of Pakistan and of Iran (if any) under its command & control. 

(3)- The USA will have to understand one reality of the extended-SAARC region. The communal poison has been able to take roots in this region for the simple reason that either Muslims or Hindus are in predominant majority in all the countries of extended-SAARC. Once all the countries of extended-SAARC come under one political authority under command & control of US-military (through said joint military command) then the extended SAARC region (of about 1.3 billion Hindus and about 0.8 billion Muslims) will automatically be greatly reduced of communal poison. As far as joint military command, if the Britishers (under their command & control) could successfully work with military in undivided India in which Hindus and Muslims were in large numbers then there is no reason why the USA can’t work with the said joint military command (under US-command & control) of extended-SAARC. 

(4)- The USA if thinks that by merely realizing extended-SAARC the communalism [comparatively milder of about 1.3 billion Hindus (including Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains as per Article 25 of the Indian Constitution) and comparatively severe of about 0.8 billion Muslims] of extended-SAARC will go away completely then it will be hoping against hopes. In order to eliminate the poison of communalism effectively & completely from extended-SARRC the USA will have to ensure religious freedom in extended-SAARC through conversion out of free choice as mentioned at 

(5)- The territory of any country is a martial subject and not a civil subject that is why the South couldn’t snatch territory for an independent country from the USA during the civil war in 1861. The Indians couldn't (unlike what 13 colonies of the USA did in 1776) raise guns against Britishers for independence hence the Britishers were entitled to decide the fate of the territories of the countries India and Pakistan (East & West). Very few people either know or discuss in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh that it was the USA which asked the UK to partition India because the USA (the military leader of the West including UK) wanted West Pakistan against the USSR. This was the reason Pakistan was made a member of SEATO & CENTO after getting independence in 1947. Now the USSR has been dismantled by the USA and presently the USA is engaged in cold war - II between ‘liberal Western democracy’ against ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’ hence the situation has changed fundamentally & drastically.  

(6)- It doesn’t require a genius of political science and military strategy to understand that the said extended-SAARC will be a great asset with the USA not only for winning the cold war-II but also for assisting the USA in realizing Taiwan, Tibet, Xin Jiang (may be even Hong Kong) as independent secular democratic sovereign countries and which should be the real & genuine agenda of the West led by the USA in support of the ‘liberal Western democracy’. 

(7)- One more thing, Biden or for that matter the USA should understand that the extended-SAARC region is presently not what it used to be when the USA sponsored the UN in 1945. Due to democracy in this region (however wanting it may be) the people of this region are much more politically aware. Moreover the West led by the USA has become powerful due to progress in modern science & technology which the West carried out in the last about 500 years and for which the rest of the world including extended-SAARC pay respect & money also to the West. But other faculties like commerce and arts (political science) have been practiced by the people of extended-SAARC for thousands of years hence people of this region know about these two faculties equally as the people of the West. Therefore when the USA indulges in subterfuge with the people of extended-SAARC then they may keep quiet (due to USA being a super power economically & militarily) but wouldn't WILLINGLY  (and which matters in any democracy) do as the USA wants especially about economic & political matters. In other words the USA will have to be reasonable if it wants to be associated militarily with extended-SAARC especially for cold war - II. 

Therefore by taking the multiple stabbing of Salman Rushdie with requisite sensitivity, Prez Biden should endeavor to ensure freedom of expression all across the world by first eradicating communalism (especially of large Muslim countries, the sanctuary of fanatic Islamist Jihadis) from the extended-SAARC region by first realizing this extended-SAARC and then by bringing the military of political unity of ‘Federation of Secular Democratic extended SAARC’ under command & control of US-military, as mentioned above, also for the purpose of victory in cold war - II.

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