Russia can retain ADVANTAGE only by championing ‘liberal Western democracy’ & commissioning its ‘Orthodox Christianity’. By Hem Raj Jain


Without rule-of-law (national & international), socialism and religious freedom, Russia will also fail as did the USA in establishing modern global political order

—- Whether people like it or not, military power is the ultimate arbiter of State matters in politics and mankind has always needed a ruler / political authority (for peace, prosperity and justice) and will need it in future too. There is a difference between military capability and military power. Only those countries (like nuclear Russia) which use military (by offering lives & blood of its military and by willingness to use all its weapons) are military power and others (like nuclear countries namely the USA, Europe, China India, Pakistan etc) are merely military capabilities. The countries which use military power for protecting their interests generally have advantage (and even ultimately emerge victorious, if use it intelligently) that is the reason presently Russia has advantage in Ukraine war (notwithstanding meaningless & diversionary  propaganda by the West led by the USA) which is evident from:-

(i)- Russia has demolished global political order established by the USA after world war II (through the UN) by militarily entering in Ukraine after recognizing Donbass region (of Luhansk and Donetsk) as independent countries and killing Ukrainians in large numbers and no one from the West and has come forward to put its boots on ground (to challenge Russia militarily in Ukraine) including the USA, the only country sofar which has used nukes in Hiroshima & Nagasaki of Japan for furthering its strategic interests and despite Budapest Memorandum. 

(ii)- Russia has shown its technological parity (if not superiority) over the West led by the USA through offensive capabilities by firing hypersonic missiles in Ukraine. The defense capability of Russia is acknowledged by the USA when Turkey was requested to give S-400 (supplied to it by Russia) to Ukraine (which Turkey refused) which tantamount to saying that the USA / West does not have comparable defense capability.

(iii)- During the Ukraine war Prez Biden has publicly alarmed the world about the cyber-attack capabilities of Russia (including on Western banking & financing sectors).

This advantage (which Russia has gained through military initiative) can be retained by Russia only when it realizes that:-

(A)- This may sound mysticism to some but it is a fact for everyone to understand that modern science & technology (which has empowered the working class immensely) could be achieved only by Christianity for the simple reason that Jesus Christ was from the working class (a carpenter). Hence without caring for the overwhelming majority of the people across the world (who are employees and not employers) no political authority can succeed in the contemporary world.  

(B)- In modern world military power comes only to those who are advanced in modern technology & sciences (not merely material but social and life related too) which requires a free mind and which is possible only through secular democracy (liberal Western and not Chinese democracy) because it makes the mind free from two traditional oppressive authorities of organized-religion & military. Hence Russia will be able to retain this advantage only if it champions ‘liberal Western democracy’.

(C )- The unprecedented progress of  modern science & technology of last 500 years (especially in IT-sector) has made globalization inevitable which is impossible without global political order which means that now there can’t be multi-polar world hence presently there is a fight to finish between liberal Western democracy v/s authoritarian Chinese democracy. 

Nothing will be gained by going into the details as to why the USA failed in establishing global political order through the UN. It is sufficient to realize that the USA / West (and its Christianity the Catholics & Protestants) failed because:-

(a)-  It could not propagate the Christian values of ‘egalitarianism & sanctity of currency’ (as evident from what Jesus Christ did during ‘temple cleansing’ which was the main cause of His illegal crucifixion by Roman governor under corrupt influence of Jews). 

(b)- The USA inherited racial prejudice from its colonial masters, the Britishers who lost its largest empire by avoiding involvement in the political process  (a dirty work) of India (of ‘second class’ Asians) and left it in the hands of political humbugs like Gandhi, Jinnah, Nehru, Patel, Suhrawardy, Liaquat Ali,  etc who not only trifurcated the motherland but also carried out-out in such a gory way that it has poisoned the entire region, communally even to this day. Out of the same racial prejudice the USA has lost the leadership of global political order through the UN. 

It is precisely here that Russia can motivate its Christianity (Orthodox Christianity) to rise to the occasion to propagate said Christian values all across the world through new global political order for which Russia should do the following:-

(1)- In the new global political body the ‘United Secular Democratic Socialist Nations’ (USDSN with its head office at Moscow) by learning from the experience of Ukraine, Russia should not try to emulate the absurd ‘Monroe Doctrine’ of the USA (which says that no other country should ‘interfere’ in political affairs in its backyard and which was the reason the world came on the verge of  nuclear war between the USA and the USSR in 1962 when the later tried to install nuclear capabilities in Cuba, the backyard of the USA). Russia is presently trying absurdly to emulate the ‘Monroe Doctrine’ about Ukraine and China is promoting it absurdly about its backyard. 

(2)- Russia should not take any objection to any military alliance (NATO etc) which many countries want to form out of their sovereign choice. This and S.No. 1 mentioned problems can be taken care of if in USDSN there is no veto right to any nation but voting right to every member country commensurate with its contribution of men (specially military), money and material (specially military) and its record about human rights. In other words there should not be security of some countries but the collective security of every member country, even the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the smallest one. The countries without secular democracy can also be members of USDSN but with reduced voting power. With this mechanism no member country of USDSN would feel the need of separate military alliance like NATO, AUKUS, Sunni-NATO etc 

(3)- The socialism is nothing but join capitalism where State capital (along with private capital) is deployed efficiently / profitably especially for the welfare of the people (and not as is being done in the West led by the USA which is being emulated by others where the West squanders the State-capital born out of fiscal deficits for dishonestly promoting exclusive-private-capitalism). The case of the largest democracy India is even worse where it does not recover about Rs. 1,000 Trillion (income tax as discussed in its parliament too in 2016 April) from about 1 million fake farmers though this huge State capital can solve all the economic problems of economically humble India. 

(4)- The USDSN  should launch common  currency for the USDSN member countries with proper asset back-up of the currency (which nowadays has become very easy by even back-up of precious metals due to most of the banking possible on-line). The central bank of this currency should be at USDSN and its adequate number of branches should be in every member country of the USDSN. Russia should know that in addition to a single political order without common currency, a viable USDSN / globalization is impossible.

(5)- The people even in developing countries want human rights to be enforced in their countries, as is evident from the example of Afghanistan too. But the vested interests of the medieval mindset don’t allow it on ground. Hence human rights of the people should be enforced by ‘Mandatory Protocol’ MP-1 (instead of meaningless & toothless ‘Optional Protocol’ OP-1 of the UN) even by military intervention of USDSN (through the mechanism of USDSN – Human Rights commission and National & State Human Rights Commission of the member countries of the USDSN).

(6)- Nothing will be achieved by Russia through said USDSN if it does not realize that even in a secular country religion is the custodian of the values of the society. Because the West led by the USA failed to realize this fact, hence failed  to establish global order through the UN hence Russia should not commit the same mistake. Rather USDSN should ensure religious freedom (through said MP-1 if needed) where people all across the world from other religions (not merely from Hinduism, Islam, Taoism, Shintoism etc but even from Catholic & Protestant Christianity) can convert to Orthodox Christianity etc out of their free choice.


Only the launching of & running the USDSN under the leadership of Russia will ensure the crucial support of the most of mankind (including of the USA) for Russia but China (which is presently & crucially supporting Russia in the Ukraine war) will be the biggest hurdle in this path of Russia. If Russia wants to (ultimately & not merely temporarily) succeed in the on-going Ukraine war then it will have to tackle China competently, cleverly and wisely about the USDSN.

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