USA doesn’t understand importance of rule-of-law. After Ukraine, Russia in better position to lead world order if launches socialist-Jihad v/s capitalist-Jihad. By Hem Raj Jain


If there is one word which represents best the use of physical (military / militant) power for achieving some ideology (whether religion like Islam or any temporal ideology) then it is Jihad. In contemporary world it is not merely Islamist Jihadis (like Taliban in Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda, ISIS etc) but the West led by the USA has been doing Jihad for capitalism (rather exclusive private-capitalism) and the defunct USSR did Jihad for communism (rather exclusive State-capitalism). Despite collapse of the USSR, the capitalist Jihad of the West led by the USA is not succeeding because it is not realizing that mankind has become powerful due to modern science & technology which now is being developed mainly by employees and not by employers hence unjust exploitation and even vulgar consumption by capitalist is against TIME. 

On the other hand communist Jihad of USSR failed because it did not deploy State capital efficiently (profitably in competition) and unnecessarily eliminated private capital (though it is necessary to keep the economy competitive and for providing freedom to its practitioner from State oppression). But now after Ukraine episode the situation has again changed fundamentally and now Russia is in a much better position to lead the world order if launches socialist (and not communist) Jihad as explained below:-

1)- First and foremost Russia should understand the importance of rule-of-law because the USA has failed in leading the world order through the UN because it has not  given any importance to rule-of-law (international) as is evident from Ukraine case where (i)- NATO is unnecessarily kept in place when there is no USSR and when UN is there to take care of the military threat to any member country by another member country (ii)- Democratically elected government in Ukraine was removed in a military coup 2014 supported rather engineered by the West (iii) After 2014 military coup the Russian speaking people were persecuted by incumbent government in Ukraine but the West didn’t object rather condoned it.

[This  lack of commitment of the USA to rule-of-law (international) is mainly due to lack of allegiance of the USA to rule-of-law even nationally which is best reflected in the matter of millions of illegal immigrants in the USA who were knowingly allowed for many decades with impunity in the USA by its government, congress and judiciary though these illegal immigrants were snatching the  jobs from and were harming the interests of the legitimate residents of the USA in many ways (of-course now this issue has become irrelevant because children of these illegal immigrants born on the soil of the USA are already citizens of the USA (as per US-constitution) and their parents (mostly) have either died or will die in due course of time]. 

(2)- To be fair to the USA, this lack of loyalty to rule-of-law on its part is not the monopoly of the USA but is presently prevalent across the board among every civilization. Rule-of-law is mainly concerned with language which is based on words and it is the most important tool in the hands of mankind (in addition to mathematical skills) which has made mankind most & predominantly powerful over other living beings on this earth. This is the reason logos (the word) has been granted extreme importance not only in Western civilization but in Indian civilization too, where in its philosophy and religion the ‘Shabd’ (word) is understood as most powerful being ‘Akash’ (sky) in addition to four other elements earth, fire, water and air (which constitute the perceptible world though this model has become irrelevant in present times of modern science & technology). 

(3)- This importance of logos / words is the main reason that ‘Satya’ the truth / consonance between  mann (mind) 'vachan' (speech) and 'karm' (action) is at the top of the hierarchy of the 5 religious principles of Jainism (as called ‘Anu Vrat’) and even of Hinduism (in Patanjali sutra of ‘Yam’ in Yoga). Other four (relevant in modern times too) are ‘Ahimsa’ (non-violence which is nothing but giving monopoly of sanctioned physical coercion to State), ‘Brhamcharya’ (celibacy or un-adulterated married life with a vow for one husband & one wife especially in this age of universal adult franchise which has empowered the women), ‘Achorya’  (non-stealing which means’ halal ki kamai’ and not ‘haram ki kamai’ as per Islam) and ‘Aparigraha’ (aversion to vulgar & unnecessary consumption).

(4)-  But to be fair to other religionists and even to other Jains (like Shwetambars including Sthanakvasi) when even Digambar (worshipers of said 'Akash' / sky element) Jains do not understand the importance of truth (word / Satya) then why to blame others.  [Presently all the Jains do not understand that Jainism is the only religion which is based on the State because its founding Prophet (Teerthankar) Rishabh Dev / Adinathji was King. Hence as the Late Digambar Muni Maharaj Tarun Sagarji (the most ‘popular’ Jain Muni of modern times due to his typical speech style) said during his ‘pravachan’ (public speech) at Kota, Rajasthan (my native place) in late nineties that anybody who’s ‘teji’ (dynamism) is not more than the ‘teji’ of ‘Khsatriyas’ (the martial element of the State) and of Brahmins (the civilian element of the State) can’t practice Jainism. In other words, Jainism can be practiced mainly by allegiance to the rule of law (which is State) especially in a democracy where people are supposed to have more ‘teji’ than of the State. Unfortunately presently the Digambar Jains foolishly think that by merely keeping the saints (Muni Maharaj) & ‘Pratimas’ (idols) in naked (so-called Digambar) condition / position  they have become the followers of Digambar Jainism and there is no need for them of ‘Satya’ (as explained above).

(5)- This is not a diversion / distraction from the main theme of this article but is crucial for the success of the new world order if launched by Russia for the purpose of victory of  socialist-Jihad over capitalist-Jihad and for that Russia should do the following:-

(i)- Russia should immediately launch a world body (as an alternative to the UN) maybe with the name ‘United Socialist Nations' (USN) with its headquarters at Moscow by declaring that socialism is nothing but join capitalism where State capital (along with private capital) is deployed efficiently / profitably especially for the welfare of the people (and not as is being done especially in the West led by the USA which is being emulated by others where the West squanders the State-capital born out of fiscal deficits for  dishonestly promoting exclusive-private-capitalism). 

(ii)- The USN should declare that socialism has become imperative  because State-capital will be needed for taking care of the unemployed who are going to increase due to increased efficiency of production as a result of rapid advance in technology like artificial intelligence, thinking machines, robotics etc.

 (iii)- There should be no veto power to any member of USN and every member country should have voting rights commensurate with its contribution of men (especially martial), money and material (especially martial) and its record of human rights & socialism. 

(iv)-The people even in developing countries want human rights to be enforced in their countries, as is evident from the example of Afghanistan too. But the vested interests of the medieval mindset don’t allow it on ground. Hence human rights of the people should be enforced by ‘Mandatory Protocol’ MP-1 (instead of meaningless & toothless ‘Optional Protocol’ OP-1 of the UN) even by military intervention of USN (through the mechanism of USN - Human Rights commission and National & State Human Rights Commission of the member countries of the USN). 

(v)- The USN  should launch common  currency for the USN member countries with proper asset back-up of the currency (which nowadays has become very easy by even back-up of precious metals due to most of the banking possible on-line). The central bank of this currency should be at USN and its adequate number of branches should be in every member country of the USN. Russia should know that in addition to a single political order without common currency, a viable USN / globalization is impossible.

(vi)- The USN should declare that it will promote egalitarianism in member  countries (A)- By converting income tax with consumption tax where income minus investment (in recognized sectors) only will be taxed and (B)-  By bringing democratization (as is about equity for shareholders in limited companies) in debt also by converting fixed deposits of lending banks / financial institutions into shares so that few should not decide the lending policies. 

(vii)-  Because India, Indian sub-continent and China (of total about 3.3 billion people) will be crucial for the success of this new world order hence the USN should declare the following too:- 

(A)- The USN shall work for ‘dual citizenship’ to about 160 million Hindus. Sikhs and Muslims (and their descendants) who were forcibly displaced from their motherland during partition (from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) which has not only communalized the Indian subcontinent, thoroughly (which is the biggest hurdle in the path of progress of Indian subcontinent) but has also made partition of India illegal because there was no provision of population transfer in ‘Indian Independence Act 1947’. Moreover the USN shall intervene militarily if necessary in case India, Pakistan and Bangladesh fail to provide proper law & order to these Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs who would go there with ‘dual citizenship’. 

 (B)- The USN shall ensure plebiscites in united J&K (mandated by IoA of J&K to India) and in Balochistan (who’s IoA was taken by Pakistan by military pressure despite contrary resolution by its Parliament / Jirga).

 (C )-  Unlike Indo-Pak dispute (which is political, on united-J&K), the Indo-China dispute is legal hence the USN shall ensure that the Indo-China border dispute is resolved through a ‘USN Judicial Commission’ (with members nominated by India, China and USN) by keeping human rights of the Tibetans in view.

(D )- The USN shall become a resounding success within no time, if most of about 1.4 billion India support it. This has NOW become very easy because the politicians of India (whether ruling or in opposition) simply are not bothered about the economically humble population of India which is in overwhelming majority and it is precisely here that the USN can help. The USN  Should declare that it shall ensure (through the ‘USN Convention against Corruption’) the recovery of about Rs 1,000 Trillion from about 1 million Tax evaders as mentioned at  and   [Two third of India is fully or partly dependent on farm income and farmers were committing suicide in hundreds of thousand due to non-remunerative prices of farm produce hence presently they are agitating for mainly the ‘Legally Enforceable Minimum Support Price’. This huge State capital of Rs 1,000 Trillion can not only solve the problems of farmers but huge unemployment in India can also be removed by it through rapid economic progress of India]. 

It is hoped Russia shall endeavors to launch a new world order (through ‘United Socialist Nations’) which has become imperative due to Globalization (the result of unprecedented advance in modern science and technology especially in IT sector) in the interest of bringing peace, prosperity and justice for the entire mankind (and not for few).

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