The Sialkot tragedy is the culmination of religious fanaticism. By. Dr.Emanuel Adil Ghouri


The incident of religious:  terrorism in Sialkot is very unfortunate which is a clear proof of the insecurity of minorities in Pakistan.

Accusations of blasphemy. Killing or burning a person alive is not the first incident in the history of Pakistan

A few years ago, Christian couple Shama and Shehzad were burnt alive in Kasur near Lahore on charges of blasphemy.

Fanish Masih was arrested in Sialkot ten years ago on charges of blasphemy

He was tortured to death by inmates at the jail on the same day but was declared a suicide by the authorities

The government in Pakistan has always been weak in the face of religious fanatics

The death of a Sri Lankan is also due to the negligence of the district administration 

which has not been made a part of media reports.The incident did not take place in a matter of minutes but for several hours. Religious terrorists gathered hundreds of people through phone calls from various areas

Police at a distance of five kilometers could not reach to control the situation

Rescue  15 .who had to respond in three to five minutes arrived at the scene very late.

Negotiations between factory workers and factory management continued after Prantha Kumar was accused of blasphemy.

During this time the workers began to physically abuse him, from which he was severely injured. the  factory guards failed to stop the workers.

In order to save himself from being seriously injured, he went to the roof of the third floor of the factory and did something else

Some workers picked him up injured and threw him from the roof, breaking all the bones in his body which are mentioned in the post-mortem report.

Workers then dragged him out of the factory onto GT Road and continued torturing him to death.After his death, his body was set on fire with petrol

10 to 12 policemen watched the whole incident but did not dare to stop the religious fanatics.

His body had been cremated by the time of departure from the police station in the FIR.

The registration of FIR is also not legally valid. The plaintiff in the case should have been to the Sri Lankan High Commission while the case has been registered in the complaint of the concerned SHO.

An FIR has been registered against 900 people in this case of religious terrorism which will benefit the accused as it will not be possible to punish 900 people.

This will weaken the case legally which will benefit the accused. However, the 13 main accused who have been arrested should be sentenced to death.

Initial police investigations have shown that the accusation of blasphemy was false.

In fact, there was a work dispute between the accused worker and the production manager, which he described as religious. The workers considered it an insult to work under the supervision of a non-Muslim manager.

Although orantha  Kumar was a Buddhist, he had a deep attachment to Christians  and Christianity, which led to his personal relationships with many Christians.

Every Christmas he distributed food packages to hundreds of poor Christians A few days before the incident, he had a meeting with the Pastors to discuss providing jobs to unemployed Christian youth.

His services to Christians were viewed with disapproval by the factory workers





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