Need of Christian University in Pakistan,

The missionary schools and colleges with better buildings, experienced staff and English medium of instruction in Pakistan remained business concerns and only served the children of feudal lords, businessmen and officials of civil service when Christians never enjoyed privileges nor were beneficiary


How to win the war against terrorism?

Unfortunately, it allowed fundamentalist Muslim leadership to alienate Muslims and commit atrocities against Hindus in Mopla, now the Malabar district of Kerala, on Aug1, 1921. Dr. Annie Beasant records the following in her report titled "Malabar's agony" in New India, dated 29 Nov 1921, "that from


Who pushed Pakistani Christians under siege of MMA?

ANP, Awami National Party, The only Muslim progressive political party in Pakistan which regained power in NWFP and Balouchistan provinces since 1947, the independence of Pakistan, lost elections by MMA in 2002 elections, openly faced and resisted MMA Shariat Bill in house and in public forums when


Need of Christian Daily Newspaper in Pakistan also invites support from Pakistani Christians living in Western countries.

These Muslim newspapers after independence of Pakistan by policy ignored to raise voice on Christians discrimination and persecution in Muslim majority society of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Muslim national media even denied that Christians were their ally in Pakistan movement. The Muslim news


65% Christians disapprove the role of their representatives in parliament under joint elections.

On a question conducted by the PCP about the role of present Christian parliamentarians, as general opinion of the Christians, indicated that they have lost their approach to their candidates under joint elections, comparing to the elected Christians representatives under separate electorate from 19


Christians are second-class citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Before going through the steps of constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan which declare the Christians to be second class citizens, we wish to bring on record that economic and social situation of Christians is worst due to constitutional burdens.
Lets see the share of Christians in the admin


Contents of Objective Resolution as article 2(A) of constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

It's strange to note that Resolution passed in 1949 was never endorsed as part of constitution till 1985. The Objective Resolution was declared to be part of constitution by the Martial Law government of Zia Ul Haq. The need of this doctrine was not seemed essential for decades but Military rulers u


Hate towards Christianity shall erupt in worst violence against Christians in Pakistan on US attack on Iraq.

Its also openly preached that to establish illicit relations with any Christian woman is just Islamic to convert and marry her, which can lead any Muslim to heaven on converting an infidel soul to Islam. Such teachings by Muslim religious leaders in Pakistan have apartheid the society to such extend


Kill those Christians who refuse to convert to Islam in Pakistan.

The same pamphlet was circulated in other major cities, the national newspapers and news agencies in Pakistan. In the pamphlet it was urged by the Jesh Ahle-i-Alqiblat Al Jihadi Alsari Al Alami organization that killing of Christians to whom Islam terms as infidels are liable to death if they refuse


INS Registration for Pakistani Nationals in USA.

The Pak FM have not met any important official of the US administration when a news item appeared on the front page of Pakistani English newspaper from Karachi on internet edition of January 22, 2003, that Pakistani Christians living in USA are trying to meet FM to discuss the crisis after a pamphle


Year 2002 shall be remembered as black year in history of Pakistan on persecution of Christian minority.

As a token of gratitude in the Pakistan Resolution in 1940 at Lahore, in the annual general session of All India Muslim League, three sections of the Pakistan were about the religious minorities to protect their religious, cultural, social and economic values. It was again retreated by the founder o


Christian youth to set up security system of churches in Pakistan.

The political parties have been also experiencing this system to organize youth to take security responsibilities of their meetings and public gatherings. The religious community of Muslim Shia Sect also followed the same pattern of security when their mosques were attacked in Pakistan. The main the


Christian's representation in Senate of Pakistan urged.

According to legislation point of view, the Senate of Pakistan was never taken very seriously by the other minority leaders of Pakistan because Senate of Pakistan was famous to approve all the bills forwarded to this house after legislation by the National Assembly of Pakistan. It was also viewed t


Islamic laws imposed in NWFP and Balouchistan provinces.

The Ml-Q is generally know as the B Team of the military ruler Parvez Mushraf with not any particular agenda of Islamic Laws in their party or election manifesto but still this collation and bargain of lead to MMA is not strange in political circle of Pakistan. The military rulers only wish to prolo


WCC report of pastoral team visit to Pakistan is unbalanced and substandard.

Many commissions, sub commissions and human right organizations use such reports for the ready reference. Therefore, The reports of WCC are not such reports that it may be read and just forgotten like ordinary daily routine items when this establishment of churches becomes more forceful with heavy a

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