What is behind curtain of rallies organized by Shahbaz Bhatti and Joseph Francis on August 11, 2007, in Lahore?


Shahbaz Bhatti and Joseph Francis are two different persons, who claim to be Christian leaders, who have two different political organizations named All Pakistan Minority Alliance APMA and Pakistan Christian National Party PCNP but both have two different backup parties named Christian Liberation Front CLF and Center for Legal Aid and Settlement CLAAS.
Shahbaz Bhatti and Joseph Francis have one thing common, both want to be leaders of Christians, both want to prove loyalty to Pakistan Peoples Party PPP, both want to crush each other to become obedient servant of Benazir Bhutto, both are using poor Christian's funds for vested interests and both selected same date, same city for show of power, on August 11, 2007, in Lahore.
Who is Benazir Bhutto and why she is interested in trading of poor and oppressed Christian nation in Pakistan? This is an important question before discussion on Christian rallies
Benazir Bhutto is daughter of late Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto, who founded Pakistan Peoples Party PPP. She is daughter of a father who claimed to be great socialist leader and moderate Muslim but created hatred among religions by calling "Dhimmi" to a Christian Chief Justice of Pakistan. The PPP, closed doors of due share in state resources of Christians by declaring "Islam is our religion" in its four-point manifesto. Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto proved to be anti-Christian and fundamental Muslim when he nationalized Christian schools, colleges and hospitals. Moreover, he ordered firing on peaceful Christian protest procession against nationalization in Rawalpindi and martyred James Masih and Nawaz Masih. It was Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto, who gave us constitution of " Islamic Republic of Pakistan" and paved way for Islamization in Pakistan.
Benazir Bhutto became Prime Minister of Pakistan for two times but never fulfilled her promises to Christians. She promised to repeal blasphemy laws and introduce Dual Voting rights in meeting with Pakistan Christian Congress leaders in Bilawal House Karachi, when she was not in power but forgot all commitments when became Prime Minister for second time.
Pakistan Peoples Party remains ambitious to grab Christian Vote bank but always deceived them by slogans through their tools among Christians. The Christian nation shall not forget that Mushtaq Masih set him on fire as a protest against arrest of Mr. Bhutto by military rulers when Muslim PPP leaders were bargaining with regime. Where is reward of Sacrifice of Mushtaq Masih? Did PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto nominated any family member of Mushtaq Masih or any Christian, the Governorship of Punjab or to be President of Pakistan?
Do APMA and PCNP have any assurance from PPP, that blasphemy law shall be repealed and dual voting rights shall be introduced? Then why Shahbaz Bhatti and Joseph Francis are racing after PPP? Is it a trading or bargaining?
Let us see role of Joseph Francis in uplift of poor oppressed Christian nation of Pakistan!!
Joseph Francis supported PPP, when he formed PCNP and came in limelight of political arena by invitations to attend ARD meetings in Lahore. Christians under Separate Electorates rejected him in elections of parliament on reserved seats for Christian. Failed Joseph Francis tried his luck to become human right activist and formed Christian Legal Aid and Settlement CLAAS. He made millions and received kilos of gold award from west in name of helping Christians.
Now, Joseph Francis announces to contest elections for president of Pakistan. He also wants to approach Supreme Courts of Pakistan to challenge laws, which prohibit non-Muslims to contest for president. It is good announcement but let us see requirements to contest this Post? But before discussing this issue, Christians in Pakistan and funding agencies in Western Countries must note that Joseph Francis never challenged Blasphemy Laws in Supreme Court of Pakistan, the issue that made him rich. His statement is as good as publicity stunt as Shahbaz Bhatti wants governorship of Punjab.
Shahbaz Bhatti, organized rally on Minare Pakistan in Lahore, Minare Pakistan, is monument built in memory of independence of Pakistan and is popular venue of political gatherings. It is on record that even rich Muslim political parties never offered chairs to participants but he managed such arrangements.
The PPP selected couple of Christians in Punjab Provincial Assembly from APMA of Shahbaz Bhatti. A Muslim parliamentary leader of PPP in Punjab Assembly was also present on stage of rally and it is learnt that he paid for this rally to built pressure on Musharraf government. It is one option but no one can ignore presence of Catholic clergy on stage while Catholic Church in Pakistan has funded Shahbaz Bhatti from formation of Christian Liberation Front.
Why Shahbaz Bhatti and Joseph Francis, who never organized rallies on any Independence Day of Pakistan, suddenly decided to celebrate this year? It is up to Christian youth to decide!!!
I appeal to Christian youth to establish their social and political contacts with true Muslim liberal and moderate parties. We do not see any sign of liberal political parties to become rulers of Pakistan in near future but solidarity and integrity of Pakistan is linked with such powers. Lets, learn to act like a nation, to decide like a nation and struggle like a nation along with other oppressed nations like Siraki, Sindhi, Baloch and Pakhtoon in Pakistan. Let us learn to suffer with Muslim oppressed nations and rise like a nation!!!

Nazir S Bhatti

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