Repentance of Bishop Alexander Malik: He was among Christian leaders who welcomed blasphemy laws and Shariat Bill in Jurist Conference in Lahore called by Ex-Premier Nawz Sharif.


The visit of His Grace Arch Bishop of Canterbury to earthquake victims of Kashmir was widely covered by national and international media. The Presence of Bishop Alexander Malik in company of His Grace during this tour also brought him in media spotlight. It surprised Pakistani Christians when Church of Pakistan leaders neglected to organize any spiritual gathering in honor of Bishop of Canterbury but kept His Grace busy in Press Conferences, meetings with Chief Ministers, Governors, Prime Minister and President of Pakistan. The tour of Arch Bishop looked like visit of politician rather than spiritual head of worldwide church establishment.
Bishop Malik emerged as confident representatives of Arch Bishop in Pakistan again while he has lost confidence of Christians on property scams and other controversial issues. It was general opinion that Bishop Alexandra Malik along with few other Bishops of Church of Pakistan who urged Arch Bishop to write MQM Chief Altaf Hussian in London to interfere in Diocese of Karachi affairs has only invited Arch Bishop for political purposes.
The millions wasted on political tour of Arch Bishop brought fruit for organizers in Pakistan when Geo TV invited Bishop Malik in one of program. Apart from comments of Bishop Malik on this TV program we wish to submit that Pakistani Christians still remember that:
Bishop Alexandra Malik is a religious leader who always bargained on principals for his vested interest and played with fate of poor Christians in Pakistan. He was only religious leader who was invited in Jurist Conference in Lahore when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif implemented Shariat Laws and wanted international approval through this conference. Bishop Malik welcomed Shariat laws and Blasphemy laws and Christians witnessed his Photograph in national newspapers with Nawz Sharif on stage raising hand in hands.
Bishop Alexander is one religious leader who claimed that drinking is not sin in Christianity and Excise and Taxation Minister quoted it with his reference in Punjab Assembly.
Bishop Alexander Malik is one who issued statement on Homosexuality and damaged image of Christianity in Pakistan.
Bishop Alexander Malik is one who invited Muslims interference in Church affairs of Pakistan by urging Arch Bishop of Canterbury to write to MQM Chief in London to support his party bishop in Karachi.
Bishop Malik is also one accused in illegal sale of Christian properties and cases against him are in courts of law.
Now, Christians again heard him on Geo TV program "ALIF" on February 5, 2006. According to CNI: He rightfully stated the following facts.

· The main target of "Blasphemy Law" is the Christian community in Pakistan.
· That this "Law" has created an atmosphere of uncertainty among Christians living in Pakistan.
· That no Christian has ever violated the "Blasphemy Laws" and all cases that are registered and all persons under trial are victims of personal enmity or "Business Rivalry" and that no Christian can ever think of uttering any derogatory word for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or the Holy Koran.
· That many Christians have left Pakistan due to this "Law" as any one can accuse a Christians for violating this Law.
· That Christians are pressurized by Muslims to convert to Islam or they will be accused under "Blasphemy Laws".
· That no lawyer is willing to defend a person accused under "Blasphemy Laws".
· That we the Christians are not "Essai" and should not be addressed as such. We are "Masihi" and if anyone has problem with the word "Masihi" he/she can call us Christians.
Our lord Jesus Christ came to save sinners and Christianity is very open on repentance. The Christians of Pakistan view this TV program of Bishop Malik that he accepted Lord Jesus as his savior again.

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