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With seasonal greetings, we proudly announce to celebrate, 5th anniversary of Pakistan Christian Post with enthusiasm and success in February 2005. The Pakistan Christian Post is an independent international news media serving millions and raising vo

We have voiced against Blasphemy laws, Prohibition and Hudd Ordinance, Joint Electorate, violations of Christian Personal Laws, Human Right abuses and all other discriminatory laws. We have demanded Dual Voting Rights with Separate Electorate, Representation Proportional to Population, Representation of Christians in Senate of Pakistan, Social Justice in Society and Equal Basic Democratic Rights with due Share in state resources for religious communities. The Pakistan Christian Post has achieved tremendous success to high light Christian issues on national and international forums. We were also successful to built bridges between Christian groups and leaders for better coordination among all human right activists in Pakistan.

The importance of World Wide Web cannot be denied in new millennium and Pakistan Christians Post is covering Christian issues without fear. Unfortunately, in past few years “ Christian Voice of Pakistan” and “ Maktabae Naveen” websites hoisted by wealthy Catholic Church of Pakistan were down and closed. Sure, its very expensive to hoist a website and properly maintain but plea of “ No Funds” by Catholic Church of Pakistan is not acceptable in general.

We appreciate, when any Christian newspaper or magazine is introduced by any individual or group in Pakistan and abroad but mostly their reporting standard and designing is very poor comparing to Pakistani Muslim media. Therefore, we appeal all such Christian establishments to manage standard designing and reporting to compete Muslim media. We also request Christian media to give due preference to Christian issues who have been already neglected by national press owned by Muslims and government of Pakistan. If under so-called interfaith banner we shall refuse to raise voice for Christian rights, then who shall rescue Christian nation in Pakistan?

All admit that Pakistan Christian Post is up to mark news media in all aspects comparing with Muslim newspapers in Pakistan. We affirm our commitment on anniversary of Pakistan Christian Post to struggle like a movement to safeguard equal basic democratic rights of oppressed Christian nation.

The Pakistan Christian Post has proved to be a true voice of millions of voiceless Pakistani Christians. Now an efficient team of volunteer writers, correspondents and bureau chiefs around globe has major contribution in success. By blessings of Lord, the movement launched by myself alone is now a caravan.

Under unavoidable circumstances we were forced to suspend Pakistan Christian Post print edition in 2004, due to heavy mailing expenditures to our readers in Pakistan. We also applied again for declaration and necessary no objection certificates for publication of Pakistan Christian Post, which was denied by government of Pakistan. We appeal all our readers to send memorandums to President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to approve publication of Daily Pakistan Christian Post newspaper because our community needs a standard daily newspaper.

In 2005, we wish to establish offices and support Bureau staff to serve more professionally. We want breaking news updates of Christian persecutions and other events for our readers at first hand. From years, all our correspondents have been working voluntarily but they need traveling and other miscellaneous expenditures, which is not possible without your donations and contributions.

I alone have not ability to bear expanding expenses, therefore I appeal for your support. Within five years of Pakistan Christian Post struggle to change fate of oppressed Christian nation in Pakistan, I received total contributions of $ 280 for Internet Edition, which is fraction of yearly budget funded by me.

Therefore, I appeal all readers to donate generously to make Pakistan Christian Post a self-sufficient establishment to meet all expenditures for better service. Please, remember M A Jinnah, Founder of Pakistan appealed Muslims nation during Pakistan movement to use pen as weapon and to commission newspapers.

By Dr. Nazir S Bhatti,

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