Message on 4th Anniversary of Pakistan Christian Post


By the grace of almighty Lord, Pakistan Christian Post Internet Edition has completed four years service as an independent news media online. The commissioning of Pakistan Christian Post print edition is also historic event to introduce a standard ne

Sure, it’s our great success and achievement because any Christian individual or establishment in Pakistan has never dared publication of any newspaper since 1947. The Christian nation in Pakistan has always witnessed ignorance to their issues by national newspapers owned by Muslims and government controlled electronic media. We complained the prejudice Muslim behavior to end Christian’s voice but never attempted the establishment of Christian’s news media.

Now Pakistan Christian Post is covering with top priority the news and views of Christian social, political and religious leaders to highlight Christian issues on national and international forums. The rallies, protest processions, press statements, press conferences and hunger strikes of oppressed Christian nation can be viewed as breaking news on Pakistan Christian Post to make voiceless nation with effective voice. Pakistan Christian Post is building bridges among different Christian organizations, groups and churches for better understandings and cooperation. I retreat my commitment to remember miseries of my Christian nation while living abroad and vow to keep on raising voice for their equal basic democratic rights without any fear and pressure.

I wish to bring in notice of all concerned Christians that Pakistan Christian Post is not funded by any western organization nor any other establishment is supporting Internet and Print editions except my family. I work twelve hours to meet with expenditures of printing, publishing and hoisting of Pakistan Christian Post and spend six hours daily on editing news and articles. I started marching alone but now a caravan of volunteer writers and correspondents around the globe is serving Pakistan Christian Post. We need funds to establish offices to bring Pakistan Christian Post newspaper at your door steps as leading standard daily newspaper. It’s also surprising that few Pakistani Christians settled in west from decades are only criticizing on layouts and editing’s of Pakistan Christian Post but never think on subscriptions and donations to share in expenditures of Pakistan Christian Post for better technical results.

The hate mails and threats by extremist Muslim elements to end Christian voice are increasing with the popularity of Pakistan Christian Post. Its time for unity and combined struggle to face the challenges of future. The Pakistan Christian Post is our national asset and voice of Christian nation in Pakistan. So, it’s our national duty to come forward and join this campaign with our pen and pennies.

I congratulate our readers on 4th anniversary of Pakistan Christian Post and appeal for donations and subscriptions from Pakistani Christians living abroad to support this Christian voice because it’s a voice of millions of voiceless Christians in Pakistan. I also invite you to become patron of Pakistan Christian Post and request Christian organizations and churches to be partners in our


Dr. Nazir S Bhatti

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