Who is Clement Shahbaz Bhatti? By Dr. Nazir S Bhatti


Would you believe it? Clement Shahbaz Bhatti is such a mysterious character for Pakistani Christians, they read about him in national and international press but they can not recognize him even if he walks beside any general Christian in any street o

He never led any major Christian protest procession against blasphemy laws nor observed any hunger strike except couple with Martyr Bishop John Joseph on persecutions of Christians in Pakistan but still he claims himself champion of human rights! He was never arrested on press conference contents even because he was not a threat to government of Pakistan! He has been secretly bargaining on discriminatory laws imposed on minorities in Islamic Republic of Pakistan! The Christians of Pakistan do not know about his business and profession for living but still he pays heavy bills of seminars and press conferences organized by him in five star hotels for which he is very famous among political circles of Pakistan! Is he a media leader and tool of hidden forces? Before we discuss mysterious character of Clement Shahbaz Bhatti, we must put forward the fate of J Salik, Ex Federal Minister of Population Planning in PPP regime, who was also in cover up but tool of Muslim religious leaders and funded by them. In comparison to Shahbaz Bhatti he was recognized among Christian masses. Mr. Julius Salik also sabotaged Christian campaigns on intimation and directives of Muslim religious leaders. The true and committed Christian leadership was concerned about his anti-Christian activities and strange moves. They were unable to uncover him for certain period of time to present his real face to general Christians. The general Christians concluded “let’s wait that J Salik may win the elections to come in power to fulfill his promises and agenda”. Mr. Salik won elections with big margin and took oath as Federal Minister but he forgot his community during his tenure in government, therefore in next elections community totally rejected him because they became aware ‘he was wolf in sheep clothing”. The most common factor among J Salik and Shahbaz Bhatti are:

1. J. Salik always claimed to be penniless but used to hold press conferences and seminars in Five Star hotels like Shahbaz Bhatti

2. Christians of Pakistan never knew about academic record and source of income of J Salik nor do they know of Shahbaz Bhatti.

3. J Salik won his elections from councillorship of Lahore Metropolitan to membership of National Assembly of Pakistan under Separate Electorate System but always favored Joint Election System for minorities like Shahbaz Bhatti who nominated his uncle for the reserve seat for minorities in Parliament under Separate Election System on ticket of Christian liberation Front, launched election campaigns of nephew of Bishop John Joseph and many other candidates but still favored the Joint Elections.

4. J Salik never organized any seminar or press conference to discuss equal employment opportunities for Christian youth, social justice in society for general Christians, opportunities of higher education for Christian students and better living of oppressed Christian community like Shahbaz Bhatti.

5. J Salik was famous to dramatize his action by wearing JUTE dress like Shahbaz Bhatti press conference of his name in Exit Control List ECL by government of Pakistan.

6. J Salik settled his family abroad like Shahbaz Bhatti who used CLF sources to settle his family in western countries.

7. J Salik was also one man show like Shahbaz Bhatti when international media and funding agencies do not know any other face in CLF.

8. J Salik never filed any lawsuit against blasphemy laws and revival of fundamental rights of Christians in any court of law like Shahbaz Bhatti who never used his hidden funds effectively for repeal of blasphemy laws in Pakistan.

Its also crystal clear fact that Clement Shahbaz Bhatti is one who stabbed in back of Christian community by demanding Joint Election System for minorities in Pakistan on directives of Muslim leaders and Pakistan Peoples Party. He misled the international community on issue of election system of minorities in Pakistan. The general Christian in Pakistan never liked and demanded joint elections.

When we discuss Shahbaz Bhatti we find an other very interesting and mysterious issue about his character. He remained part of every delegation whenever Bishops Conference of Pakistan called on Presidents and Prime Ministers of Pakistan. He was always cleared by the secret services before meeting with chief executives of Pakistan. It’s on record that leaders of opposition to the government or any one in Pakistan who speaks about rights of the people never get a chance to meet President or Prime Minister in Pakistan as intelligence agencies do not issue clearance to such leaders. There is no case registered against Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti on his political activities in any police station of Pakistan because he was never serious threat and part of Christian campaigns in Pakistan. Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti met General Parvez Mushraf only a week before formation of All Pakistan Minorities Alliance APMA. He was never stopped by law enforcement agencies on departures from Pakistan but suddenly he calls a press conference in five star hotel of Islamabad on November 12, 2003 and he announces that his name is put in Exit Control List ESL. Who provided him this information? Did he receive this in writings from interior Ministry? Was it a drama of shahbaz Bhatti to prolong his leadership on directives of his secret friends in government?

On October 10, 1998 Shahbaz Bhatti claims MQM leader Altaf Hussian to be savior of Pakistani Christians but on September 22, 2002 he declares alliance with PPP and terms Benazir to be a leader of Christian’s salvation. On these contradictory statements and actions, there is big question mark that who is handling him? Where is Christian Liberation Front CLF? what is All Pakistan Minorities Alliance APMA? Who pushed Hindu feudal Lords, lawyers and intellectuals to accept leadership like Shahbaz Bhatti in APMA? On July, 2002 talking to Barbara Heggen of Asia Pacific News he claimed that under Joint elections his Alliance will win 47 seats out of 357 seats of National assembly of Pakistan. What are the results of Alliance in national general elections of 2002? All concerned must know that CLF have no representative in National assembly of Pakistan. More over the politically wrong move to demand abolishment of Separate electorate by Shahbaz Bhatti and few other government tools have pushed 2 Christian’s seats of National Assembly and 3 seats of Provincial assemblies in hands of Alliance of Muslim Religious Parties MMA in Pakistan.

Its for information and record that Hindu community in Pakistan always opposed the Quota System and Separate Electorate for minorities in Pakistan for their larger interests, when Christians always favored and demanded Quota for jobs in government and semi-government proportional to population and admissions in professional and higher educational institutions of Pakistan. The Hindu minority based in Sindh province enjoyed the privileges of feudal class are able to compete on merit. The Hindu community was able to effect on the elections and win seats of parliament against the Muslim political parties whereas Christians in majority based in Punjab province belonged to downtrodden class and unable to win elections against Muslim political parties and compete on merit in government jobs. The Quaid-E-Azam, Founder of Pakistan was fully aware of the situation of Christian minority and promised Christians during Pakistan movement to allocate 5% Quota and Separate Electorate for their representation. The Hindu community alone was not in political position to fight against Separate Elections and government of Pakistan was also afraid to abolish Separate Election due to pressure of Christian community. The only tool government and Hindus found was Shahbaz Bhatti to fulfill their dreams and All Pakistan Minority Alliance APMA came into being a week after the meeting of Pakistani Bishops and Shahbaz Bhatti with President of Pakistan General Pervaiz Mushraf before abolishment of Separate Electorates and national general elections under Joint Electorate of 2002.

The Christian Liberation Front CLF was creation of great warrior and human rights campaigner Martyr Bishop John Joseph, Catholic Bishop of Faisalabad Dioceses of Punjab. He recruited Shahbaz Bhatti to lead CLF. This newly formed group remained in limits of Faisalabad city till 1990. The Faisalabad Catholic dioceses favored George Clement, Peter John Sohtra any many others for the National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies seats for Christians under Separate Elections and won the elections. When Fr. Rufin Julius, A catholic Priest from Gujranwala city decided to run for elections of National Assembly of Pakistan under Separate Electorate against the will of Bishops Conference of Pakistan, the decision was made to polish the image of a new layman with church support and funding to represent churches on political front and Shahbaz Bhatti was adopted.

Martyr Bishop John Joseph introduced Shahbaz Bhatti with international funding and human rights organizations in the best interests of oppressed community of Pakistan but such contacts has been enjoyed for his personal benefits after martyrdom of Bishop John Joseph by government agencies in 1998. He presented Shahbaz Bhatti before international news agencies as spokesperson of Christian community of Pakistan but now there is no community but only Shahbaz Bhatti. There is no more Christian Liberation Front CLF which martyr Bishop John Joseph dreamed to be united platform of Christians in Pakistan. The majority of CLF members and leaders have taken refuge in other camps of true and committed Christian forums after using CLF funds for personal publicity and use by Shabaz Bhatti. Does any other member of CLF know about funds used in five star hotels? Is there any audit report available of CLF lavish expenditures? We think no one else know about secret funds and budget of CLF except Shahbaz Bhatti. Can Shahbaz Bhatti dare to make public his assets and sources of CLF and budgets if he thinks he is leading a true public life in Pakistan?

We appeal all funding agencies to CLF to review the situation because funds are never used for the larger interests of the general Christians of Pakistan. The issue of blasphemy laws and all other discriminatory laws imposed on Christians are major issues when Shahbaz Bhatti has been totally failed to readdress the problems. There are many other Christian leaders in Pakistan who have been organizing hunger strikes and rallies against blasphemy laws and facing charges in courts of laws. The international media must approach those leaders instead of only Shahbaz Bhatti who only appears in press conferences. We also appeal to all the Christian delegations visiting Pakistan to meet all the political and social groups instead of visiting Bishops of Pakistan who present only Shahbaz Bhatti, Cecil Chowdry and few other selected so-called leaders with them. The millions of Christians are suffering and deprived of their basic and equal democratic rights in Islamic Republic of Pakistan and need the immediate attention of international community and media. Its foremost duty of all concerned to reach in slum areas of Pakistan where majority of Christians are living and listen to their problems and to know what type of elections they like, Separate or Joint.

It may be read that fate of Shahbaz Bhatti is approaching to a total rejection soon by the Christian masses as they rejected J Salik.

By Dr. Nazir S Bhatti

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