The Case for the Immigrant In America - The Past Should Be The Example For Our Future.


Good and bad people exist in all countries, cultures and religions. But to say that someone who is here 'illegally' is a 100% bad person just because of that one fact of their lifestyle is a totally illogical statement. How many American students t

How many American's cheat on their taxes and try to justify that saying they deserve a break for all the hard work they do? How many parents work so many hours just to have an annual vacation for their family so they can 'be close', but they really have no idea what their kids are up to day to day while they are not around? Yet we can have no compassion or understanding for someone who comes to this country because it is one of the few places where they can be assured a living wage and make things better for THEIR family (even if they are here illegally). How many Americans are willing to live with 5 other people you barely know in a one bedroom apartment and have to work split shifts in order to share a bed so that they can have a place to sleep for a few hours? The problem is older Americans have not passed along the hardships they and their ancestors who came to this country went through - or that when they do, the younger ones don't listen.

Today's Americans don't realize it, but we have lived in a super dream world for so long - over 60 years (experts say an American's memory span of the past is now less than 3 years) - that most of us simply have no idea of the hardships our ancestors who came to this country in the late 1800's from Eastern Europe endured to build this country and develop the laws that support our luxury lifestyle. Most of them lived in TENEMENT apartments which means they had one or two rooms for perhaps 10 extended family members and shared a bathroom with every other family on the same floor, and where landlords could kick them out with no notice, just as their employers tried to make them work 12-14 hour days and then not pay them fairly and fired them before they banded together to create unions.

I for one believe that God is now dealing with the American people the ONLY way possible - through our economy - to break the mindset that we are 'superior' to others in the world and that no one else in the world deserves to have their country developed or to be able to obtain the same opportunities, jobs and luxury, commercialized lifestyle that Americans have. How sad that Americans on paper profess "liberty and justice for all", but when it comes to finally DOING something beyond giving to a charity for some poor person overseas and actually having an American company give them that good-paying job that will uplift them permanently so they begin to have the wherewithal so we don't have to continue to send big $$ overseas, Americans scream and shout? Americans must realize in the long run this change in world economic structure MUST happen if we ever expect most countries in the world to become free democracies. Giving people overseas jobs also develops their self-esteem again and gives them courage to speak out for themselves - how many times have you heard of any group of poor people ever being heard and making a change in their government - Colombia and Cambodia show us clearly that even in our modern times most poor people are simply killed by their governments to shut them up and no one notices or speaks out for them - not even Americans!

I for one remember how it was when I grew up. My parents didn't give me everything - they could have moved to a much bigger house, but chose to stay in a townhouse to keep living expenses down - but they did provide MUCH more than the majority of people I know around the world could ever expect to give their kids. I had an old car during high school and college (shared with my sister) and worked many many pathetic low-end jobs during high school summers and even after college - hospital laundries, construction flagger, a bread factory, fast food service. And I couldn't find a decent job until my early 30's and even until a few years ago often worked 2-3 other part-time jobs so I could afford to live 'a decent, American lifestyle'. And I remember complaining as a young adult and thinking that "I deserve to live the good life cuz I'm an American". But the more internationals I meet and see how hard they are working and most times sending a lot of this money to family back home, the more I remember how much money I wasted for 'nonessential extras' and this is the reason I needed to work all those jobs. If I had put that money away instead of eating out so much, clubbing, and buying clothes endlessly, how much further ahead would I be today? Instead, that money is gone, and even though I really didn't live that high on the hog (I have never taken a vacation abroad or went on any super wild shopping sprees) I now realize that I could have been saving and spending my money much more wisely - and especially reached out and/or given much more to those around me struggling.

So the more see our American lifestyle sinking below even animals the more I realize that America DOES need a new influx of immigrants to get us back on track. The majority of internationals I have met live honest, quiet lives and remain strong in basic family and religious values. While most Americans I know have been brainwashed by our media to feel we have to accept everything without ever questioning because that is 'freedom'.

What our forefathers set up was a system of values and justice that maintains a high quality, dignified lifestyle with protections all based upon INNATE human laws grounded in the knowledge of an all-knowing and all-just God. These protections allow individuals to express themselves behind closed doors without question - BUT when individuals with unjust, immoral lifestyles try to take their oddities beyond closed doors and make the rest of us accept them as 'normal', this is where the Constitution clearly indicates Americans are to speak out and let them know that neither we, or God, can allow them to infect and destroy our society.

So, which group should Americans be more concerned with - immigrants who may or may not be illegal but are willing to work and build this country and take it back to its roots of decent family and social values - or the many immoral groups who are trying to take over our country and CHANGE the values, laws and structure of justice designed by our founding fathers (and mothers)? I for one say let the many internationals stay and create a new country for the vocal minority of mutants trying to overthrow our government and way of life (that country would be jail, as laws in most States still support)!

I am willing to suffer and even give up my job if it means that someone overseas gets to live even 1 year at the level I have enjoyed for my entire life. In fact I also think that God is purposing Americans to be challenged to move and live overseas and in that way take our democratic ideals abroad as we interact with the people overseas so that we can give them the impetus to fight for their rights - the right of freedom and justice for ALL that we now nonchalantly say we believe in - but are we willing to personally work and maybe even die for these rights as so many of our ancestors did?

God's truth for liberty and justice for ALL people is marching on, whether we in America like it or not. But since the great majority of Americans have no idea who God is anymore either, this is probably the reason they have no stomach for defending our laws or living and dying for them - just speaking out whenever they feel their rights are offended or denied. God bless our troops overseas who are living examples of the American quest for liberty and justice for all. And may the American people be brought to their knees and even to poverty if this is what God needs to do to get our country back to living for HIS glory alone!
By Jeanne Swartz.

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