Discriminative Admission Policy In Higher Studies Institution For Christian Students.


The medical and engineering colleges admissions are over for the year 2001-2002 all over Pakistan. Its very surprising that not a single christian student have been able to get admission I any college among the thousands of Muslim students enrolled,

We can easily access that if such an important portion of population cannot produce a single doctor and an engineer, the prosperity of that community can fall below zero. Since 1947, Independence of Pakistan. Christian has Quota of seats in medical, engineering collages and universities through out Pakistan, which was abolished in 1972, taking as Principal Policy of admission on merit by the federal Government notifications. The Government of Pakistan and Provincial Governments, every year announcing the admission polices for medical and engineering collages, terms as the admissions on merit, for equal opportunities for all the qualifying students. In fact it is not, when the same notification carries the special quota of seats reserved for the rural areas, Kashmir refugees, Afghanistan refugees, Tribal areas seats (FATA), teachers' Children seats, the armed forces officials Children seats, and seats reserved for those students enable to get the recommendation by the President of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chief Ministers and Governors of respective Provinces. More over seats are sold to the chamber of commerce and other wealthy people able to afford to pay fixed amount of donations or may be called bribes to administration, called as purchasing of admission seats for their Children. These are the high lights of the of the polices in education and still government claims to be fair, with equal opportunities for all classes of life in Pakistan. These are the facts of merit admission policy of the government.

The Muslim students can easily bag the merit seats and those who unable to qualify can reach to the classes on different quotas mentioned in the prospectus of all institutions. We shall take a quick look on the annual examination system of the secondary and higher secondary schools board of educations, a key to the merit marks. We have witnessed and experienced that board of education officials are involved in such practices that during the enrolments of students for the examination, the agents of them can he easily accessible or they may contact you to pay the 50% advance for the specific percentage of marks in examination to meet the required merit standard of admission of professional collages and 50% when the result are announced and that amount is up to millions. Some times such incidents catch eyes of national press but mostly its spread all over Pakistan like mafia business and men with high profiles in political and beaurocracy are involved.

The rates set by education official for the merit% is so high that only wealthy people can afford. The examiners who are Muslims, intentionally push the poor Christian students are not capable to pay such high amounts to get the merit marks in examinations and few who are in the line of merit, back and merit list is replaced by rigging by the officials. So, this is the
policy adopted by Muslims to keep away the poor Christian students from professional colleges by the time of examinations in Pakistan.

When we further discuss, the Christian students opportunities of education in medical and engineering collages in Pakistan, we find that doors of higher studies for them are totally closed. In present economic world when the professional education around globe have been not taken as service to humanity but as an opportunity to enjoy the better economic facilities after completion of studies. In the under developing Country like Pakistan, where 12% of Christian population is unable to produce.00% of doctors and engineers, every year the development in economic conditions of Christians can never be equal to the Muslim majority. Now we wish to surface the facts that poor Christian students, unable to pay heavy bribes to secure merit% scores in examinations in higher secondary School exams can't complete on the merit seats for admissions in medical and engineering collages. Nor they can compete on Kashmir refugees, Afghan refugees, FATA the Tribal area seats; they do not have their parents to be professors in these collages. They have not such political approach to get recommendations from, president of Pakistan, Prime minister of Pakistan, Chief ministers and Governors of provinces, nor their parent are so rich to seek admission for them, on giving donations as bribe to the educations administration. So, it's in the best interests of Pakistan to reserve the seats in higher educational institutes proportional to the population to provide opportunities to Christian students.

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