Need of Christian Daily Newspaper in Pakistan also invites support from Pakistani Christians living in Western countries.


The founder of Pakistan, Quaid E Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, during Pakistan movement repeated frequently in public gatherings " Power of pen is more effective than sword" and urged Indian Muslims to start their own newspapers to highlight the Muslim

These Muslim newspapers after independence of Pakistan by policy ignored to raise voice on Christians discrimination and persecution in Muslim majority society of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Muslim national media even denied that Christians were their ally in Pakistan movement. The Muslim newspapers never covered the incidents of police excessive and wrongful confinement cases of Christians, never wrote about rapes of Christian women by Muslims to ensure justice, hesitated to highlight the arrests of Christians under Islamic laws, the hunger strikes of Christians never draw attention of these Muslim newspaper, the press conferences and protest rallies of Christians to demand their equal basic democratic rights in Pakistan were never given space in Muslim newspapers. The Christian poets, writers and artists with great potential and high caliber were never introduced in national media of Pakistan. The Muslim news and media by such ignorant attitudes made millions of Christians a voiceless community in Pakistan. No one can deny the importance of print and electronic news media but unfortunately Christians leaders in Pakistan have not recognized the need of any daily newspapers and there is not a single daily Christian newspaper owned and run by any Christian individual or establishment in Pakistan to raise voice for them on national level.

Christian minority is victimized and persecuted since 1947, the independence of Pakistan. The millions of Christians have been deprived of their basic democratic rights in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. There is no voice against such injustice when Christians do not have their any daily newspaper and Muslims newspaper never voice for Christians.

Its fact, if Christian have voice in Pakistan they might have achieve the goal of equal share in resources of state, to uplift their social and economic situation in Pakistan, which can never be expected by any international non government organization or by other funding agency.

For instance, any foreign funding agency or non-government agencies, working in Pakistan for Christian's rehabilitation cannot funnel more than one million dollars per year in Pakistan. If we distribute one million on total population of Christians in Pakistan, its only 75 cents for one Christian. By this data, anyone can just figure out that how 75 cent per head can bring any revolutionary changes in Christian's situation.

On other hand, if Christians have their own voice in Pakistan and successful to achieve representation in democratic institutions proportional to their population. Their members in parliament can get development budget like other Muslim parliamentarians, allocation of one million dollars per year for tenure of five years. It means only one Christian parliament member shall be able to spend 5 million dollars on Christian uplift programmes in his tenure which is not possible for any international funding or non governmental organizations. According to present Christian representations in parliament, 5 Christians in National Assembly of Pakistan and 9 Christian members in Provincial Assemblies, not even proportional to their population but still Christian parliamentarians can spend, government allocated budget of 70 million on Christians rehabilitations and development project.

The Christian daily newspaper can enable to elect the sincere and dedicated Christian representation in parliament by covering the actions, manifestos and commitment of Christian social and political leaders to provide choice for Christian voters. The imposed leadership of Christian tools by Muslim political parties shall be brought to an end and true Christian leadership shall be on platform to safeguard the Christian rights and to invest their development budget allocated for Christian rehabilitation and uplift in Pakistan. Therefore its need of time to make Pakistani Christians equipped with their daily newspaper which may be their voice in Pakistan to have share in resources of Pakistan and to become self sufficient in their uplift projects.

We do not meant that Pakistani Christians do not need the moral support of international communities and organizations but Pakistani Christians settled in Europe, North America and Middle East have very important role to play in this crucial time of Christians in Pakistan who have been living as second class citizens in Pakistan and Muslim majority have turned them to a voice less community. When we meet our Pakistani Christians living abroad and listen their gratitude's and blessings of Lord, to provide them opportunities to bring them in lands where they can live in peace to profess their faith in freedom without fear. Some of them have been living in west from decades. They also have been claiming the struggling for the rights of millions of their poor and persecuted Christian brothers in Pakistan. In fact, these Pakistani Christians have been bargaining on Christian persecution, by misleading different ministries in western countries. Their intentions to join different rich western-based churches and non-government organizations is only to funnel funds to their relatives in Pakistan, in name of persecution of Christians in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Few clever Pakistani Christians have formed their own so-called organizations for their vested interests in name of rehabilitation in Pakistan and Christian immigrants in west. We witness that few Pakistani Christian settlers only work with international organizations to have legal status in west and when they get residency, they forget their poor brothers in Pakistan. That's reason that Pakistani Christians living in West have been not successful to establish any institution in Pakistan by their own contributions and donations. It seems like beggars in Pakistan, looking always on western churches to support, are still beggars after their decade's settlement in rich western countries.

Lets make the record straight that struggle for voice of Christians in Pakistan is the only solution to their outstanding problems and issue and its need of time to concentrate on this one issue to give voice to this voiceless community in Pakistan. Lets all Pakistani Christians living in west to unite on this issue of a Christian daily newspaper in Pakistan.

The journey of Pakistan Christian Post on internet, started alone by me is now a caravan of correspondents, writers and commentators of Pakistani Christians living in Pakistan and Western Countries along with the international community individual with concerns to Pakistani Christians persecution.

I wish to commission Pakistan Christian Post as daily newspaper from Islamabad/ New York now because general population of Pakistan has not excess to Internet yet and are unable to read the issues of Pakistani Christians at PCP website.

Lets join hands, the Pakistani Christians living in western countries, international Non government organizations and all who are concerned about the issues of voiceless Pakistani Christians, on this project of most importance of its period to start publication of daily Christian newspaper in Pakistan, to give voice to millions of Christians in Pakistan.

It's a project with big budget, which can be completed as joint venture only with our donations and partnership. So, we appeal every single Pakistani Christian living in Pakistan or abroad, all the NGO, s working in Pakistan, All the international funding agencies with rehabilitation, education and social welfare programmes in Pakistan and all Christian concerned on Pakistani Christian issues to donate generously to commission the publication of daily Pakistan Christian Post from Islamabad and New York.
We are grateful for the support of Knights Templars as partners to this issue but still we need your donations and subscriptions.

For Donations:

Visit Pakistan Christian Post at
and click on the Banner for DONATIONS to help funding for the Christian newspaper in Pakistan.


The partnership of organizations and concerned individuals is also invited in project of establishment of Daily Pakistan Christian Post Newspaper publication from Islamabad and New York.

Thanking you.

Nazir S Bhatti,
Editor, Pakistan Christian Post.

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