Hate towards Christianity shall erupt in worst violence against Christians in Pakistan on US attack on Iraq.


If any one wishes to wittiness the hate of Muslims toward Christians on religious ground, he must visit Pakistan; this is an open invitation to all the international human right organizations. The Christians in Pakistan have been hearing sermons on F

Its also openly preached that to establish illicit relations with any Christian woman is just Islamic to convert and marry her, which can lead any Muslim to heaven on converting an infidel soul to Islam. Such teachings by Muslim religious leaders in Pakistan have apartheid the society to such extends to create hateful atmosphere. Due to this hate, even educated Christian with best profession and business feels fear to eat in any public restaurant in Pakistan. Its on record that one of the Christian member of National assembly in 1992, during his tour to Kasur district stopped by the street vendor and order the famous sweets of this city, only miles away from Lahore, capital of Punjab province. The Muslim vendor served the order but asked to carry the plates in which the Christian MNA and other accompanying Christian leaders have eaten with them and charged the prices of plates, glasses and spoons. To be an elected MNA is high profile in public services and respected status but a Muslim vendor never showed any respect for Christian MNA and treated him with same hate as any general Muslim delivers to general Christian. The Christian MNA moved privileged motion in house of National Assembly of Pakistan but there was no action taken against that vendor. This incident was widely published in national press of Pakistan but no legislation was made against curse of hate in Pakistan, which was expected after this, incident. This incident is enough to Asses the conditions of general poor Christian and ready reference that profession is not origin of hate but the religion in Pakistani society.

The cast system created curse of touchability in Indian sub continent but that cast system was on ranks and professions, not on religion, as high cast Hindus practiced hate to lower class Hindus from centuries which came to and end by Gandhi movement and Indian parliament legislated laws against touchability. Its also fact that Dalits still face hate in India but laws are there to approach for justice. But in Pakistan the hate among individuals is not based on high or low casts or professions. Its generally given impression by the government that this hate is not on religion basis but due to profession of sanitary workers which is performed by the 90% of Christian population. But its not true because in many parts of Pakistan Muslims perform the duties of sanitary workers and they are not victims of hate by the other Muslims when Christians working as sanitary workers are forced to drink water during duty from local restaurants poured on the hand palms by the Muslim staff. Its also on record that in united India in the present provinces of NWFP, Balouchistan, Sindh and Punjab, the Muslims have been with profession of sanitary workers not Christians when Christians in these provinces before independence of Pakistan in 1947, were peasants who have been forced to adopt the profession of sanitary workers when their lands were snatched and leased to the Muslim immigrants from India in Pakistan.

The hate toward Christians is practiced in all level of society groups of Muslims in Pakistan. Its very important incident of hate by high profiled Muslims who was Prime Minister and President of Pakistan. It's been very horrible and mostly discussed incident in the history of Pakistan. It's also on record that there was only one Christian chief justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Late Justice A R Cornelius. He became Federal Laws Minister in the General Agha Mohammad Yehya Khan, military government due to his services as jurist in Pakistan in 1969. He chartered the Legal Frame Work for the national general of 1971, which was presented as the lay out of the constitution by then President of Pakistan. The Pakistan Peoples Party PPP, chairman Late Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, who became famous and popular for his socialist manifesto and won majority of seats in west Pakistan. He took over as President and then Prime Minister of Pakistan but he said very clearly and openly that he can not accept the Legal Frame Work Order prepared by a Christian to whom Islam terms as" Dhimi ". The word " Dhimi" is an Arabic word used in Sunna, The Islamic law, for captured communities in Islamic wars who have to pay special taxes to maintain their own religion and carry on with second-class citizens status in Muslim rule. Neither the Justice Cornelius nor any other Christian living in Pakistan was captured and living in conquered territory by any Islamic invader. It was not even pre historic era but still a very liberal and western educated Muslim like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto termed Justice Cornelius as " Dhimi" being a Muslim chief executive of Pakistan. Such incidents claim the hate on religious basis not on the professions.

The other important aspect of Muslim behavior toward Christianity is their motive to take Christianity as the western religion when its also religion of east. As the major missionary and evangelical work around world is on credit of western missionaries which connects the third world Christians to the west but Muslims take it according to Islamic teachings where Islam is total submission to Allaha and peace can only prevail in earth when every one converts to Islam. The Islam claims to be without boundaries, therefore all Muslims think themselves one and only nation. The Christianity as a religion is counted as religion of infidels in Islam when Islam holds duty of every Muslim to bring infidels in circle of Islam by force even, to prevail peace on earth. When a Muslim in Pakistan feels failure to abide by this Islamic religious duty of converting Christians then this anger creates hate toward Christians. Their hate cannot affect powerful western society but Christians living as minority in Muslim countries face such hate in normal daily life in all walks of life.

There existed hate and anger among Muslims of sub continent of India but they associated Christians in Pakistan movement on this Muslim perspective " brethren with Holy Book" which started vanishing after few years of independence of Pakistan. They deprived of Christians of their equal basic democratic rights and started hat for them in society. Is it not a hate that in villages of Pakistan where most of the population use the canal waters for drinking, laundry and shower, the Christian can not drink water from the upper running side of canal if any Muslim is drinking water on the lower side of the flow of water, any Christian woman can not do her laundry on upper side of flow of water if other Muslim woman is doing laundry at the lower side of water flow up to eye sight, any Christian man ca not take shower in the canal water if any Muslim man is taking shower at lower side? In schools, colleges and universities of Pakistan Christian students also face this hate. They are not allowed to drink water in same glasses which are used my Muslim students. The Christians working in civil services under government of Pakistan are also forced to keep their glass separate for drinking water. It's the worst type of insult to humanity and social values which can be witnessed all over Pakistan. This hate have kept away Christians from very economical catering business in Pakistan when Muslim take it as religious teaching not to eat any meal prepared by any Christian to whom they declare infidel.

This creeping hate in the Muslims, turned to anger and violent during the Allied Forces attack in Afghanistan to curb terrorism. They attacked churches and killed innocent Christian worshipers. One of Christian religious leader terms all the attacks on churches as the Hate Attacks. Sure, that religious leader is right and such attacks on churches were very clear to be hated among Muslims towards Christianity because religious buildings were attacked during religious rituals.
The Christians in Pakistan fear the worst hate and violence now if Allied Forces attack on Iraq. Pakistani Muslims taking Islam for whole world without boundaries shall forget that Iraq was never ally of Pakistan and had friendly relations with enemy states of Pakistan but the emotions that Iraq is Muslim state shall touch their religious feeling and there shall be more hate for Christians in Pakistan and more attacks on churches and other Christians life and property. This time Christian homes and Christian leader can be on hit list to create the riots in the society on attack on Iraq. To make the security of Christian life and property its duty of the government of Pakistan to deploy the armed forces around the Christian localities as police have been failed to protect churches during the attacks in the year 2001-2003 when hate and anger against Christians is on high levels in society now.

Nazir S Bhatti.

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