Kill those Christians who refuse to convert to Islam in Pakistan.


A Muslim militant group named Jesh Ahle-i-Alqiblat Al Jihadi Alsari Al Alami based at Peshawar, the capital city of NWFP, a border province to Afghanistan, distributed a pamphlet on January 10, 2003 to call on Christians in Pakistan for conversion t

The same pamphlet was circulated in other major cities, the national newspapers and news agencies in Pakistan. In the pamphlet it was urged by the Jesh Ahle-i-Alqiblat Al Jihadi Alsari Al Alami organization that killing of Christians to whom Islam terms as infidels are liable to death if they refuse to accept Islam. The matter of the handout further said this killing Jihad, and foremost duty of every Muslim under Jihad being fifth pillar of Islam. The Pamphlet issued decree to shot on sight the foreign Christian nationals.

The NWFP (North West Frontier Province) of Pakistan emerged as main strong hold of religious political parties when they achieved landslide victory in this province in October 2002, national general elections under Religious Parties Alliance MMA. The Chief Minister of NWFP from MMA vowed to implement Sharia Law in the province on his oath ceremony, which caused fears among the minorities of the NWFP.

The issuance of such a Pamphlet with religious hate from this Religious Parties Alliance government was the first sign of fear which put the danger of lives of the other religious communities in Pakistan because Christians have heard the decrees of Muslim religious leaders in the Friday mosques sermons before the allied forces attack on Afghanistan to curb the terrorism ' to kill two Pakistani Christians if one Muslim Pakistani is killed by the allied forces in Afghanistan". The Muslim militants approved the decree of their religious leaders by attacking on churches and killing innocent worshipers. The incidents of Bahawalpur church killing, Islamabad church massacre, Murree Christian school firing, Taxila church bombing and lately the Village chianwali church attack on Christmas can be viewed in that perspective. The daylight brutal murder of seven Christians of Karachi based charity was also in connection of that Islamic religious Fathwa.

The MMA led government in NWFP never paid any attention to lodge any enquiry against the Muslim militant groups open distribution of this pamphlet nor the federal government agencies reported any arrest of the responsible of this distribution on such a large scale hate material when Pakistan Penal Code exists to take action against such culprits. It seemed as the government officials had their eyes wide shut on this conspiracy against the second biggest population of their own state, which feared to lead communal rights and law and order situation in the country.
Lets see the recent polls by the PCP on the issue of MMA presence in parliament to escalate Christian persecution in Pakistan. The large number of readers of PCP participated in this poll survey for the very first time when 1257 persons voted from which 815 said that MMA presence can not be dangerous for minorities, 408 said that MMA is dangerous and 34 voted that they are not fully aware of the situation. It meant that presence of MMA in parliament couldn't escalate the religious persecution in Pakistan. We respect the opinion of the viewers but the distribution of the said hate Pamphlet from the MMA led government province directs us to believe that Religious Parties Alliance presence in parliament can be dangerous for Christians at any time in Pakistan.

There are two Christian Members of National Assembly selected under Joint Electorate by the MMA and one in NWFP government. Its very surprising that Christians from NWFP and Balouchistan seek the MMA nomination for the Parliament. They were fully aware about the MMA Islamic manifesto. The Christians have witnessed and experienced militants attacks on churches and killing of more than 50 Christian worshipers in year 2001-2002, was it not enough for those power hungry Christians to stay away from MMA nominations. If we take their wishes to reach in parliament on the shoulders of the killers of their brothers by the sister organizations and camouflaged Muslim militant groups of MMA to play an active part to press upon the Religious Alliance Leadership for the security of Christian community then what those Christian parliamentarians in MMA are doing? We suggest them to resign from their seats and join the hands of Christian community to adopt the safety and security measures of life and property. We wish to hear their voice in the house and in MMA that implementation of Islamic laws on Christian minority is Un Islamic and unjust. The Blasphemy laws aren't for Christian minority under Islamic System.

The MMA have started the drums of war according to the January 10, 2003 Pamphlet from Peshawar by allowing Jamat E Islami militant commander Hikmat Yar Khan to join Taliban and enter Afghanistan with 1000 Islamic army to fight the allied forces in Afghanistan. The fear among Christians in Pakistan is more after this 1000 Taliban and JI Jihadi group action in Afghanistan when they are very easy prey of these trained militants.

In this situation we urge Government of Pakistan to deal with iron hands to the militant groups in Pakistan and to adopt security of life of Christian religious, social and political leaders in Pakistan.

Nazir S Bhatti.

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