INS Registration for Pakistani Nationals in USA.


Before arrival of FM of Pakistan to visit US to discuss on issue of INS registration with US administration, the Pakistani ambassador have made it very clear that US shall not take Pakistan off the list of registration countries after his meetings wi

The Pak FM have not met any important official of the US administration when a news item appeared on the front page of Pakistani English newspaper from Karachi on internet edition of January 22, 2003, that Pakistani Christians living in USA are trying to meet FM to discuss the crisis after a pamphlet distributed in Peshawar to kill all the Christians who refuse conversion to Islam in Pakistan. The news item further says that Pakistani Christian leader said to the correspondent of this newspaper in New York that Issue of registration is not important than the security of Christian minority in Pakistan. The said newspaper have not mentioned the name of that Christian leader who spoke to the correspondent which seemed to be another media campaign against Christians in Pakistan to set impression among the Muslims in Pakistan that Christians of Pakistan living in USA attempted to fail the visit of FM on the registration issue when this issue is already settled and Pakistani are moving ahead for registration to INS.

On January 20, 2003, Pakistani leaders in a press conference at Islamabad urged the security of their lives from the threats of Muslim groups to give up the demand of arrests of culprits involved in the attacks of church worshipers on Christmas at village Chianwali, killing three women and injuring 16. The black out of the said press conference by the National media of Pakistan is not strange but its of course major issue of Christian citizen safety of life and property and registration issue is very low comparing to the life and property of Christians which do not seem on priority of agenda with the government of Pakistan.

The issue of registration is just and fair keeping in view the security risk after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in USA and US administration reserves right to adopt such acts to avoid any future attacks on innocent citizens. The all individuals living in US have suffered by the 9/11 attacks and shared the grieves of the families of deceased on all levels. Now why this media campaigns is going on against this registration issue.

One Christian student from Dallas who married American women and have daughter was deported in the first wave of deported Pakistani from USA in 2002. Many more Christians are also on the list that have not valid visa to stay any linger in USA or have been deported in their absence like many Muslims living in USA. Therefore to create such impression of Christian and Muslims of Pakistan is no doubt the yellow journalism and to create more security risks for the Christians living in Pakistan.

Lets look in the facts that when Bush Administration added the name of Pakistan in the list of countries to seek registration before February 21, 2003 for Pakistani nationals with INS and to present their legal validity of stay or to extend their stay in America. Why it became as a major issue with the foreign Ministry of Pakistan and government of Pakistan as a whole and to put pressure on the USA to persuade their citizens to be excluded from the registration list.

The government of Pakistan is forced to raise this issue because millions of dollars of foreign exchange was received from Pakistani living in the western countries. The second reason behind this Pakistan government and media campaign seemed to secure the stay of these Pakistani living in USA due to their relations with a particular class in Pakistan. These Pakistani living in west do not belong to the poor class in Pakistan. The Pakistani who reached in west belong to the top political workers from the major political parties, the relatives of bureaucracy, the family members of the land owners, the sons of businessmen, the drug dealers and those who were very clever to make forged documents of banks and properties to satisfy the western foreign missions in Pakistan to issue them the visas.

It's with any doubt that third line of political workers and poor Pakistani was able to reach to enjoy the privileges of the western countries. It was very difficult to get student visa for the poor deserving students for studies in west as they were never in position to fulfill the requirements to qualify for such further studies. The scholarships offered by the foreign universities for deserving students were also distributed among the related youth of the government officials. The relatives of the Pakistan government administration high ups also benefited the scholarships awarded by the Pakistani government. The majority of the privileged class in Pakistan has always planned to send their family members to western countries that they may have extra source of income. As a result if you see any big buildings and posh bungalows in Pakistan, it's sure to believe that any member of this family is living in west.

The poor Pakistani national had only approach to reach to seek employment in the Middle East. They have been selling their homes to get employment visas for these Muslim countries. Its on the record that Pakistani press have been full of articles and wide coverage like this registration in USA, when any Pakistani was charged and punished under the laws of these middle east Muslim countries. The minor violations like difference of names spellings on driving license comparing to the passport carried up to three years imprisonment in Saudi Arabia. The government of Pakistan has been registering these poor workers to satisfy that their visas and employment agreements are genuine to avoid any violations to the immigration rules in Middle East. The poor Pakistani who tried to enter in these Muslim Middle Eastern countries illegally have been arrested and are still in prisons but government of Pakistan never pays any attentions for the repatriation. The Pakistani nationals have been facing severe punishments under immigration law and other public laws in these Muslim countries but that have been never criticized ever in Pakistan like this INS registration in USA.

Pakistan is registering the Indian Muslims on visiting Pakistan from decades. Indian Muslims are given four extra forms with their photos, in addition to the visa stamps on their passports from the Pakistani counsels in India. One form, they have to present when leaving Indian border with Indian immigration, Second form, With the Pakistani immigration on entering the Pakistani territory, Third form, at the police station in Pakistan in the jurisdictions of their stay with relatives in Pakistan and fourth forms, to the Pakistani immigration on leaving Pakistan. The third form submitted in police stations in Pakistan is processed with the complete address and phone number of the Indian Muslims relatives in Pakistan and the government agencies keep complete check on these visitors and keeps record of their meetings in Pakistan. Its clear that this immigration follow up in the name of security is worst than these registration which is underway in USA but the government of Pakistan and press and media never had any comments on this registration process adopted for Indian Muslims.

It's very important to discuss the role of these Pakistani nationals in the western countries. The Pakistani national enjoyed all privileges of freedom of speech and expressions in western countries. They purchased properties worth of billions in Pakistan by the foreign exchanges remitted to Pakistan by their earnings. They have been enjoying full civil liberties and human rights in west but what they gave to the western societies. They never hesitated to push drugs in west to make money; they always deceived the western women by the holy matrimony of marriage to legalize them in the respective western countries when 90% of these Pakistani immigrants had their Muslim wives in Pakistan. They travel on forged documents to western countries and stay there for years under protections of the human rights. Have any Muslim thought of doing these evil deeds in Middle East? Have they ever dared to marry Arab woman without divorce to their wives in Pakistan? Have they courage to enter on forged traveling documents in Middle East? Have they ever imagined committing heinous crimes like robbery and rape in Middle East? They can never dare to commit all such offences, which they commit in western countries in the Middle East Muslim countries.

For instance, we have many legal immigrants from Bangladesh in Pakistan because millions of Muslims wished to stay in Pakistan after 1971, when East Pakistan emerged as independent Muslim state by the name of Bangladesh. The Pakistani police have turned these Bengali Muslim colonies in dens and brothels. The Pakistani police rapes every night these Bengali women before the eyes of their husbands in their homes. They force them to make sex with their high officials and other wealthy Pakistanis. The Bengali men are pressed upon to run prosecutions and pay monthly to the government officials. Those Bengalis are citizens of Pakistan and they had leading roles in the independence of Pakistan. The Bengali men and women coming to Pakistan on legal documents are followed from airports and compelled to pay monthly payments on their stay in Pakistan. They pay high bribes during their legal stay in Pakistan and beautiful Bengali women are involved in false cases to establish illicit relations with the wealthy individuals and on refusal put in jails under false fabricated immigration rules. Have any Pakistani ever pointed out the excessive behavior of administration of Pakistan on these Bangladesh Muslim nationals ever? In light of our behavior in our own country in Pakistan with Bangladesh Muslims immigrants, the role of US administration is high and just when the Muslim women have been exempted from any registration by US immigration.

Lets have the check upon the human rights and religious freedom in the western countries with the Middle East Muslim states including Pakistan. The western communities have been always under flag to uphold the human rights around the world. The western fight against hunger, poverty and drugs is best service to humanity. The religious freedom in Europe and America can be only judged but this kind act that Muslim immigrants have been never bared to build mosques in big cities and even towns of America and Europe for the small Muslim community groups to practice Islam religion comparing to the Muslim states on globe where Christian minorities are not free to profess their religion and preach. Its amazing to put on record that there is no Church in Saudi Arabia and its offence to gather in houses to hold services for Christians but same country provide billions of funds to the very tiny Muslim group in west to make mosques and Muslim religious centers. They have been permitted by Vatican to build mosques in Rome but they never allow the Christians entrance in Mecca and Madina. Now the voices of human rights violations and registration action only to target Muslim states and Islam seems meaningless as the mosques in west are still with services of Muslims when Jihad turned terrorism is not coming to an end in the western countries and Christian minorities living in these Islamic countries.

Therefore its perfect right for all Pakistani to go for registrations with INS in USA and to prove that we are true human beings with high profiles with all the Islamic values. The Truth is basic of any religion and we are suppose to face truth that USA suffered the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and to end terrorism from USA and around the world, we being benefits of US asset and land have to support US policies to curb terrorism to make the globe peaceful for living for our next generations. If we can prove that we are with USA then we can appeal for clemency but we still have to go more ahead to fulfill our commitment.

Nazir S Bhatti.

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