Year 2002 shall be remembered as black year in history of Pakistan on persecution of Christian minority.


The year 2002 is the worst part of the history of Pakistan when sacred trust of founder of Pakistan " The Christian minority" was attacked and large number of them were brutally murdered by the Muslim militants as public threat to life and property a

As a token of gratitude in the Pakistan Resolution in 1940 at Lahore, in the annual general session of All India Muslim League, three sections of the Pakistan were about the religious minorities to protect their religious, cultural, social and economic values. It was again retreated by the founder of Pakistan in 14-point famous doctrine that minorities shall be free to profess their religion and expression in Pakistan. The 5% quota in government, semi government jobs opportunities and same in the admissions of professional academic institutions and higher studies institutions shall be allocated for the Christians. The separate regiment of Christians in the armed forces of Pakistan was commissioned and 12 acres of agricultural land was promised to the Christian peasants in the newly state of Pakistan.

All the promises were not as gift to the Christian minority but the role in Pakistan movement and their vote in favour of Boundary Commission in creation of Pakistan. Its on record that NWFP province went through referendum to join Pakistan where Muslims had solid majority because large number of Muslim population was not willing to join Pakistan and division of India on the name of religion under Two Nation theory of All India Muslim League. The united Punjab was with majority of Sikhs and Hindus and to avoid any referendum in Punjab the Christians vote before Boundary Commission was the only decisive vote and true foundation of Pakistan with the portion of Punjab to be west Punjab as Part of Pakistan. The Balouchistan Muslims with majority of Muslim have also preferred to go under state rule of Muslim Mir of Kalat. The Khan of Swat and Nawab of Bahawalpur remain as sovereign states with in Pakistan when they were captured by force after decades. In such a situation the positive and crucial role of Christian population was recognized by the Founder of Pakistan and All India Muslim League on all levels during Pakistan movement. Its on record and historic fact that ¾ of population of Muslims in NWFP, Balouchistan, Sindh and Punjab was not in favour of formation of Pakistan in 1947 when Christians were totally playing their positive role in foundation of Pakistan.

Its unfortunate that after independence of Pakistan in 1947 till the premiership of Khan Liaqat Ali Khan, the promises made with Christian community were followed accordingly but after 1956 the same were gradually denied. The Part of Punjab regiment of Christians was dissolved. The promise of agricultural lands was neglected to the Christian peasants and lands were distributed on false claims filed by the Muslim immigrants from India. In 1973 the special quota for jobs for Christians in government was abolished under Islamic Republic of Pakistan constitution. The Pakistan Peoples party government in 1973 also revoked the 5% quota for Christian students.
Moreover the missionary schools, colleges and hospitals were nationalized. In 1973, the Christians were bared to be on any commanding post in Armed Forces of Pakistan and to head any government or semi government corporations in Pakistan. In 1972 Christians faced the state oppression for first time after independence when 2 Christian were murdered by police firing during peaceful procession against nationalization of Christian institution in Rawalpindi.
The adoption of Objective Resolution as preamble of Islamic republic of Pakistan Constitution of 1973, led way to the religious communities persecution in Pakistan and legislation of Islamic Laws in the state. The 8th amendment in constitution was the major blow to the Christians in 1985, when under president order no 4, issued by the military ruler Zia Ul Haq and the Prohibition and Hudd ordinance was based to implement the Islamic Laws on minorities. The law of Evidence and compensation was introduced and blasphemy laws were implimented. This was the funnel of Islamic laws, which sucked the religious liberties in Pakistan and opened way for the religious terrorism. All this process was planned and implemented so slowly that Christian community became alert when the Christians were firstly arrested under blasphemy laws in Pakistan in 1990.

The year 2002 appeared, as worst part of Christian's persecutions in Pakistan when dozens were arrested and few were sentenced to death under blasphemy laws. More over the year 2002 marked as Black Year in history of Pakistan when churches were attacked by the hands of Muslim militant groups killing 51 Christians. The year 2002 have left behind many Christian widows with tears, many mothers without their sons and daughters, many sisters without their brothers, many children without their fathers. There are cries of Christian elders and youth in the villages and cities of Pakistan. The Christian individuals and families are mourning on this New Year, on the deaths of their love ones by the hands of Muslim terrorists or arrests by the administration under Islamic laws.

The Christians Of Pakistan are crying very loudly to voice their sorrows and miseries and send a message of rescue to the international community, the UNO and all human right activists that:
Will there be light and happiness for Christians in year 2003? Will there be end to their persecution? Will there be revival of promises made to them during Pakistan movement by the founder of Pakistan? Will the government provide them security of life and property? Will administration bring the culprits involved in churches massacre to justice? Will there be religious freedom? Will there be guarantee of equal and basic democratic rights for Christian in 2003 in Pakistan?

All these questions are in the minds of fearful Christians of Pakistan but they have not high hopes for year 2003, as government of Pakistan totally failed to provide them security from the hands of Muslim terrorists in 2002. The Muslim militant and terrorists are still free in society.

Nazir S Bhatti,

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