Christian's representation in Senate of Pakistan urged.


Pakistan Christian Congress PCC have been demanding the representation in senate of Pakistan since 1985, at the time of formation of PCC, as one of the major issue among its six point manifesto agenda. It was observed by the PCC leaders that Christi

According to legislation point of view, the Senate of Pakistan was never taken very seriously by the other minority leaders of Pakistan because Senate of Pakistan was famous to approve all the bills forwarded to this house after legislation by the National Assembly of Pakistan. It was also viewed that senate of Pakistan was only formed to satisfy the feudal lords and tribal chief to enjoy the prevelige of the government who fail to win the elections of National Assembly or provincial assemblies under one man one vote elections.

The voters of Pakistan do not directly elect the senate of Pakistan. The elected members of National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies cast their votes to elect the members of the Senate of Pakistan. The feudal lords, businessmen and tribal chiefs of political groups, rejected by the voters are re-elected for the Senate of Pakistan by this privileged class of Pakistan. The additional seats were allocated for the technocrats but it was again experienced that rejected politician in their expertise fields were provided with back door to reach in Senate of Pakistan. As for as the privileges of Senators were concerned , they were same as the members of National assembly and chances to hold portfolio in the cabinet in federation. The general Christian social and political leaders hesitated to join in voice of PCC for the Christian representation in Senate of Pakistan because they belonged to the poor class of society and believed that Muslim political leaders shall never nominate them for senate seats, which they use to distribute among their friends and relatives.

The importance of Senate of Pakistan became suddenly important when in 1990 the President of Pakistan forwarded the recommendations for legislation to Senate of Pakistan on the rulings of Federal Shariat Courts. These rulings were by the full Bench of Federal Shariat Courts on petition of one Mohammad Iqbal, who approached this highest Islamic Court in Pakistan to declare death sentence on blasphemy laws. The senate for the first time in legislation history of Pakistan legislated the Death sentence on blasphemy laws which was life imprisonment under section 295 B PPC and forwarded down this bill for the national assembly of Pakistan. This was the first time that other Christian groups knew the legislation importance of the Senate of Pakistan. The arrests of Christians under Section @95 C PPC subject to death penalty alarmed the Christian community in Pakistan and the importance of the Senate of Pakistan.

Now when the senate of Pakistan elections are due within one-month time. All the Christian and Hindu groups are demanding their representation in Senate of Pakistan which is good sign of unity to press upon this long standing demand of PCC. Its very important moment for the Christians of Pakistan again when Christians have witnessed that government used the Christian tool leadership to damage the identity of Christians in Pakistan in the national general elections of October 2002. The leadership of Christians was not able to understand the government plans to end voice of Christians in parliaments and appreciated the joint elections and constitutional package and amendments by this military government. As a result the Christians fail to get due share in national assembly seats and fail to get any representation in three provinces of the Pakistan.

The government is afraid of Christians voice in parliament and is adopting tactics to end their voice on democratic institutions. In light of total failure of the so called Christian leadership we advice them to step back in the best interest of the Christian nation in Pakistan and to put forth the able and courageous Christian leadership to dialogue on the Christian representation in Senate with the government unless there shall be no room for Christians in the up coming expected set up of Senate of Pakistan elections.

Nazir S Bhatti.

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