<b>J. Salik now on Lottery. Is he serious to his commitments?</b>


Ex federal minister of population planning of pakistan in PPP government, have announced to commit suicide opposite offices of world bank, Washington on 26 feb, 2002, if his $ lottery scheme in not granted by bank, to raise funds to pay loans of und

To undermine his targets, this fact is supposed to be public that j. Salik is a leader from Lahore, He started his political career with the help of Jammiat Ulma e Pakistan and contested the Metropolitan elections, attracting christian voters by wearing priest like 'Tatt' dress, as a protest, against oppression and unjust behavior of government toward Christians, taking out street candle light groups of youth, singing hymens to protest against not allocation of daily time on radio and pakistan television for christian prayers and recitations. The Christians of Lahore over velmingly voted in his favor to get him in the house to solve their problems. Surprisingly he resigned every time from his councilor seat instead of considering the Christian municipal labor problems, where administration was squeezing their blood and lady workers were disrespected by Muslim health inspectors and other Muslim staff. The honor and dignity of women was in stake during sanitation duty hours on streets of Lahore but J. Salik went again to them by stunts of burning his house furniture, living in tents and collecting donations from poor sanitary staff, on pretext that their problems have the solutions in National assembly of Pakistan and christian MNA, s are not efficient and he is the only and only able leader to represent them. He vowed to take off his "Tatt " dress only, when the government shall solve Christian problems.

The Christians of Pakistan awarded him with highest vote for success to reach in Parliament, where he announced very wickedly that ' he shall only take off his "Tatt' dress, when Muslim minority in India is safe from Hindu aggression. He changed his commitments and promises made to poor Christian voters after elections.
Its very interesting story that when PPP leadership contacted him for favor and offered him ministry in federation, they were ready to make him minority minister, they were surprised too on demand of ministry of population planning from J. Salik as to their opinion the minority ministry was appropriate forum to solution of minorities of pakistan. They were reluctant at first to make him Population planning minister, when J. Salik was undermatric and unable to handle this important ministry but they were in need of a vote in house. This decision of Salik to become Population minister was quiet enough to remind the Christians that he was never sincere in solution of Christian problems.
When he faced defeat in last national general election, he too realized that he can't deceive the Christians any more and turned to his original lords for help, demanding reward for his services for long march to end Iran- Iraq war, peace trip during war to highlight situation of Bosnian Muslims. They confirmed and stamped his services by awarding him a medal in Holland by an Islamic center.

Now on his lottery issue, any reason able individual believes it a pre mature idea, which seems more in air than facts, comparing to the Imran khan suggestions on debts of pakista. The general question is the validity of his commitment in light of sacrifices of millions of Christians in his campaigns from metropolitan to parliament of Pakistan and negative role of salik in all walks of life.

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