Islamic laws imposed in NWFP and Balouchistan provinces.


The MMA government with absolute majority in the NWFP provincial assembly, imposed the Islamic laws in NWFP with announcements of ban on Liquor and gambling on the day of their sworn in as chief minister with complete ban on music in public vehicles

The Ml-Q is generally know as the B Team of the military ruler Parvez Mushraf with not any particular agenda of Islamic Laws in their party or election manifesto but still this collation and bargain of lead to MMA is not strange in political circle of Pakistan. The military rulers only wish to prolong their rule and to bag support on any price when ML-Q is working as second line of this team.

It was observed and witnessed with curiosity by international and national media that after and before the participation of military ruler of Pakistan as ally to the allied forces against war on terrorism The President of Pakistan General parvez Mushraf turned down all the appeals to repeal Blasphemy laws and very clearly announced that he is not ready to make any amendment in the prevailing Islamic Laws in the constitution of Pakistan and stayed to his this motive till the MMA was in full swing to his campaigns against Pakistan participation in war against terrorism and support to curb terrorism in Afghanistan to topple the Talban Government . In the light of this mysterious behavior of Parvez Mushraf in favor of Islamic laws has not surprised any one to direct his B Team of Ml-Q to join hands with MMA and accept their demand to introduce Islamic laws in Balouchistan province.

The ballot success put MMA on third position in National Assembly of Pakistan but with their success to implement their manifesto of Islamic laws in two provinces of Pakistan have led the way for MMA to reach on the Prime Minster seat with ease in the coming elections which are not far away due to this unstable and weak government which is depending on the support of other parties. This is the better strategy and result of sincerity with the cause of MMA of its leadership.

The rights of women and minorities are not still clear in NWFP and Balouchistan provinces where Islamic laws as supreme laws are effective now and concept of Jihad is also requiring clarification by the MMA leadership who termed Jihad as freedom fight in past and set forth the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Its on record that attacks on churches and religious properties in previous years have been occurred in the Punjab and Sindh provinces where is the majority of Christians and incidents of arrest of any Christian never happened under blasphemy laws even in NWFP and Balouchistan provinces where MMA have bagged power.

We wish to bring in notice of Mushraf and Jamali government to adopt more effective measures of security and safety of Christians in Punjab and Sindh provinces as there are more fears that Muslim militant groups shall be more active in these provinces after the MMA governments in NWFP and Balouchistan to take political control in these provinces in future.

Nazir S Bhatti

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