George Felix on Quaid E Azam and Nasir Saeed on Faith Under Fire.


The major obstacle in unity among Christians in Pakistan is their missing role in the history of Indian sub-continent. The English writers have written many books on the small tribes roots and their participation in cultural and social values in the

The nations unite their new generations on brave role of their elders in the history. The social and cultural heritage of any nation is being used as weapon to motivate to launch united movements to achieve rights in society and preserve their independence. The Christian nation in Pakistan do not find such pride in the pages of history in Pakistan to act as warrior to safeguard their basic rights as they do not have their own history.

The history moves by it self very slowly on epic of time frame. The writers write about the dignitaries and warriors to present them as heroes, the poets write poetry to highlight the true emotions and the critics discuss the major issue on different angels. Then there are historians who compile the issues of politicians, poets, religious and social leaders to make them part of the history of any nation which leads the next generations to chalk out, modify and rectify as accordingly for successful achievement and to avoid the mistakes of their ancestors to launch collective movements to achieve goals set forth.

We have observed that Christians have neglected the works of writings in Pakistan and ultimately we do not have prominent writers and authors on national and international levels.
We do not find any writing material of our members of parliaments about their deeds in democratic institutions as leaders to inform the Christians about their successes and failures, their dialogues with Muslim leaders, their motions in the house, their developments projects and budgets allocated by the government, their speeches and announcements in public and in the house. We do not have positive and effective critics among Christians to criticize the actions of politicians, religious and social workers. We do not have poets with poems to ignite the emotions of the youths to struggle for their rights.

We have Christian study centers, different forums to represent the different walks of life, different magazines and few writers but all of them fall in the boundaries of church institutions headed by the pastors, reverends and bishops with abundant of funds. These institutions cover and publish only the writings of the specified clergy. A Pakistan reverend and pastor claims to be a poet and author by writings poems and fiction on mortal love, cheap emotions of sex but hesitates to write on social and cultural problems of youth, women and elders. The efficient layman poet and writer live in darkness and not published in the press as the Muslim magazines ignore them and there's no place for them in the church owned magazines. Instead of cheap love poetry by the clergy poets there never surfaced any efforts on research of the roots of the Christian nation in Pakistan and to establish Christians history for the future generations.

In such difficult circumstances the Book " Quaid E Azam Ki Durandeshi " by Mr. George Felix as chief of Pakistan United Christian Organizations, UK and Book Report " Faith Under Fire" by Mr. Nasir Saeed as Coordinator CLASS, Uk are sigh of relief for the Christians of Pakistan.

The Book of Mr. George Felix pertains on his press statements published in national and international media in capacity of chief of Pakistan United Christian Organization as major part of his Book. The lawsuit to repeal the blasphemy laws in higher courts of Pakistan as petitioner is most important part of this book along with the efforts to safeguard the Christians rights on international forums. It shall be part of our history in future and we pay homage to Mr. Felix to compile his efforts in shape of a book. This book itself is a part of our history but if Mr. George Felix have added the efforts, struggles, campaigns and press note of other individuals and organizations of Pakistani Christians in United Kingdom it might be the history of Christians but still this book shall remains our national asset.

"The Faith Under Fire" by Mr. Nasir Saeed is research work on one particular subject of human rights violations of Christians in Pakistan. The constitutional contents piled up in this report shall remain best reference for the international writers who look for the constitutional manuscripts violating the human rights of Christians in Pakistan. The evidence of victims of Blasphemy laws, child abuses and woman rights are highlight of this report. Christians congratulate Mr. Saeed on such a comprehensive report on Christians and pay homage on his efforts to set up very positive step in the history of Pakistani Christians by his writings.

These two books are from CLASS and PUCO but we hope that in future there shall emerge such writings and books when author shall cover the actions by all the individuals and organizations being active in Pakistan for community rights. In that book there shall be struggle of CLAAS to release blasphemy laws victims and also the lawsuit filed to repeal Blasphemy by PUCO in one chapter with actions of many others who observed hunger strikes, organized rallies and issued press notes in every cities and villages of Pakistan against blasphemy laws. We can only complete our history chapters to highlight every one and every step with out prejudice and due respect because it's the history only where facts of friends and enemies are accepted.

Nazir S Bhatti.

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