Killers of Aslam Martin and other six Christian employees of Justice and Peace are still at large.


On 25th September the terrorist executed seven Christian employees of Justice and Peace organization in the busy business center of Karachi. Aslam Martin was among those 7 other innocent Christians killed by the Muslim militants terrorist attack in b

On Karachi massacre the Christian leaders also demanded the registration of murder charges against the police officials present in the area of the site of the sad incident on negligence to arrest the Muslim terrorists and resignation of Interior minister of Pakistan.

The Christians have witnessed that administration delayed the arrests of terrorist involved in the massacre of 18 Christian worshipers at St. Dominic church Bahawalpur on 29 October 2001. The Muslim militant groups have openly accepted the responsibility of Bahawalpur church attack and police claimed of arrests of dozens of members of Muslim extremist groups but non was charged under law and released after few weeks. When the Islamabad international church was attacked killing 4 Christian worshipers again the government of Pakistan under the criticism of the international community retreated to arrest the terrorists. The four militants were arrested being involved in months earlier attack at St Domenic Church, Bahalpur and same were claimed to be killed in the encounter with police near Bahawalpur without producing them in court of law for justice to end the attacks on Christians in Pakistan. The Muree Christian School attackers were claimed to be killed by police encounter too, after few days of the incident and again the culprits escaped to face the justice. The Taxila Church attack killing 21 worshipers was after few weeks of Murree School attack, killing 6 Christians in year 2002 but there were also no arrests of any Muslim militant groups involved in this massacre. The incident of Justice and Peace establishment employees was the first attack in sindh province when all other terrorist attacks took place in Punjab province.

The Christian mourners of Aslam Martin were again in doubts on governments claims to arrest the elements involved in this sad incidents and their demand to resignation of interior minister was the clear indication of no confidence on the government of Pakistan when tear gas shelling and police firing was ordered by the home department. The Christians were of belief that government claims to arrest the culprits are again to satisfy the emotions of the Christian community in Pakistan and that administration shall make no arrests of Muslim militants like the previous militants attacks on Bahawalpur church, Islamabad international Church, Muree Christian School and Texla Church. It was very clear that government might have stopped the incidents of attacks on Christian life and property if they have taken proper interests in the arrests of Bahawalpur church massacre incidents.

The killing of Aslam Martin and Other innocent Christians at Karachi was not just the terrorist action but also the execution of Christian leaders by the militants. We have demanded earlier to protect the Christian leaders that personalities may be next target of the militants. Now if the militants involved in the execution of this Christian community are not brought to justice by the government of Pakistan, the fear of more such execution remains as fact like the attacks on churches in Pakistan. There is other indication the government plans to close this case in files like the pending investigations on attacks on churches. The administrative measures to keep under wrongful confinement of Robin Piranditta, the only survivor of this incident and eye witness of this execution have strengthen the doubts that government is not paying due attention to arrest the killers but harassing Christians.

In the light of these facts we demand the immediate arrests of the Muslim militant groups involved in the killing of Aslam Martin and other Christians in the city of Karachi and bring them to justice.

Nazir S Bhatti.

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