Jihadi Groups announce formation of Islamic Army in Pakistan.


After series of terrorist attacks on religious minorities in Pakistan, for the very first time, the militant groups by the parcel bombs to the Karachi police, injuring 30 police functionaries, targeted the government. The responsibility of these parc

These groups have not taken responsibility of the bomb attacks against police only but in this announcement they have claimed that now all the Jihadi groups are unite in Pakistan and they have formed the Islamic Army to teach lessons to the police officials involved in the investigations against the arrested militants in police custody.

The newly formed Islamic Army has also threatened the religious minorities in general and Christian community in particulars. The Islamic Army has vowed to attack on life and property of Christians in future too as revenge by these Muslim militant groups, now called Islamic Army, on their Christian faith and religious feeling toward the western countries. The Muslim extremist groups have massacred Christians in churches, schools and on attacks on Christian establishments in these recent years killing 40 Christian innocent and peaceful Pakistani citizens after the attacks of Allied Forces to curb terrorisms in Afghanistan but in such an open way have been hesitating to take the responsibility as appeared in these Karachi police bombing incident.
Its clear signal that all the Jihadi elements have united them in Pakistan and they have taken out the responsibility and threatened more attacks on Christians and government officials like a real force in Pakistan.

Such type of Islamic armies have been existing in other Muslim countries where they have been attacking the Christian areas like an army as the world is witnessing in Indonesia and Philippines. That Christians have been invaded and massacred in an organized ways of terrorism liked armed forces. Its also clear signal for the Pakistani Christians to stand ready for such organized attacks on their colonies in Pakistan. The announcement of Islamic Army on incident of parcel bomb attacks at Karachi police is warning to government also that militant groups are organized and ready now to act according to their choice in Pakistan and at select the targets of their choice.

The announcement of formation of Islamic Army in Pakistan seems very mysterious in the light of these elections of October 2002 when an Alliance of religious political parties, MMA have gained reasonable success and is ready to take control of the governments in two provinces and struggling to capture the capital. There is an important question in selection of time and place of announcement of Islamic Army in Pakistan by these outfit militant Muslim groups?

Nazir S Bhatti.

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