Where is remedy of six years of precious life in prison of Ayub Masih?


Its amazing to hear that some organizations have put off their demonstrations against the killings of innocent Christians by the militant groups on their attacks on churches after the news of acquittal of Ayub Masih from the Supreme Court of Pakistan

Its very interesting that Ayub Masih was the first victim sentenced to death and verdict with held by the High Courts when in past all the Christians sentenced by the session courts have been granted bails and acquitted by the High Courts. After the daylight brutal murder of Justice Bhatti of Lahore High courts on granting bail to one of the Christian victim under blasphemy laws by the Muslim extremist groups in Pakistan, it was clear that in the case of Ayub Masih the High Court judges were under constant fear of life to issue any relief in judgment on his appeal and left with no option to with held the sentence on Ayub Masih appeal against the session court verdict, when this appeal came under hearing in the time of war against terror by the international community and whole judicial system was under pressure of these militant Muslim groups.

The appeal of Ayub Masih was also pending in the Supreme courts of Pakistan from months and he was waiting for his fate in prison. The sudden decision on the appeal of Ayub Masih have given emotional touch to the sentiments of every class of Christians and government have been successful to regain the support of the Christian community in Pakistan when they have lost their complete support and confidence on the government after the incidents of militants attacks in Bahawalpur, Islamabad. Murree and Taxila Churches, killing dozens of innocent Christian worshipers and injuring the many of them.

No doubt the decision on the Ayub Masih case is very smart move by the government of Pakistan to revive the image of state on forums of international community but is it fair on part of Christian organizations to decide not lodge their protest on the killing of Christians in Pakistan and leave their brothers on the hands of Muslim militant groups unsafe and unsecured on this acquittal of Ayub Masih? When we discuss the Ayub Masih case, we believe that it was the false and fabricated case lodged by the Muslim groups like all the other cases against Christians in Pakistan and justice was supposedly to be ensured by the Supreme Courts Of Pakistan, then what's the logic behind this strategy of Christian organizations to give free hand to the government and close our eyes on his denial from the constitutional obligations to protect the citizens of the state when the Christians are the peaceful citizen of Pakistan.

If our trend to appreciate the government on the acquittal of one innocent involved under malafied intentions in fabricated case on the blood of dozens of Christians then who shall stop the attacks on Christians? There are thousands of schools, few colleges, many hospitals and churches in Pakistan where 15 million Christians have legitimate rights to move independently to perform their religious rituals and Muslim militants are still hanging around freely in society with guns and grenades to massacre them. For instance if the more incidents occur of killing by these militants in Pakistan against the Christian community in Pakistan and we have still more Christians in prisons waiting their trial and some sentenced to death, waiting for the appeals against the death sentences, like Ayub Masih, its big question mark before us that on such killing by Muslims militant groups the government again acquits one of the Christians sentenced to death under blasphemy to ignore us the future killing of militant?

The acquittal of Ayub Masih is of course the supremacy of justice in Pakistan by the superior courts of Pakistan but this justice was delayed for six years. Ayub Masih have been behind bars for these six years long nights and days in solitude away from his family in the constant threat to his life by the inmates. Our foremost duty was to press upon the government and to lodge our protest that such cases may not be registered against innocent Christians to waste their precious life in jails when the release of Ayub Masih provides us the positive grounds to press on our demands to repeal the blasphemy laws or to introduce the procedural amendments that cases under blasphemy laws on business rivalry or enmity may not happen in future, to save the innocent Christians to waste their days, months and years under these false case but what sort of community we are? What are our national interests as Christians? Where we stand? Who are the elements to leading in such a manner to our poor Christians in Pakistan? That we leave the blood of dozens on the one wicked move of the government.

We stress upon our leaders to keep in view the interests of Christians in their minds when deciding on the future and fate of Christians in Pakistan. If they are unable to lead the Christians positive and without the impressions of the agents of the government of Pakistan for their vested interests, we request them to leave the Christians on their own fate that they may choose their own path of struggle to safeguard their basic and equal democratic rights in Pakistan. These Christian elements can seek approach to the high ups of the administration functionaries but the future generations of Christians shall never forgive them for their evil deeds nor the conscious of these elements shall have them sound sleeps at nights because they have been bargaining on the blood of innocent and poor Christians in Pakistan. We also appeal the Christian youth in Pakistan to take over the leadership from the hands of these so called Christian leaders in the best interests of the Christian nation to save their identity in Pakistan because these leaders are the government agents and have no interests in the future of Christians. These elements are coming in cover of religious and social cover-ups to misled you on behalf of the government and own benefits.

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