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An angry Christian reader from India has strongly protested on the Article "Hounded, Beaten, Shot What you can do to help persecuted Christians in India. By Jeff M. Sellers" about Indian Christians published in Pakistan Christian post. This Christian

Even though as a percentage there are more Christians in Pakistan than in India (10% vs. 2.4 %) in India Christians have been the head of the Army, navy, Air force, Supreme Court. How many Pakistani Christians have held the same post in Pakistan? We have never had electorates on the basis of religion. Christians almost made it to the highest posts of Pm and president (Sonia Gandhi and Alexander respectively) large numbers of Christians are recruited into the Indian millitary / police. A Christian officer Julio Rebello.Are Christians even recruited into the pak military largely checked the khalistani militancy that was launched by the ISI?

There are quite a few Christian states in India viz, Goa, Mizoram, Nagaland, etc. How many Christian states are there in Pakistan? When there are atrocities against Christians in India the accused go the jail. When there are atrocities against Christians in Pakistan the perpetrators get the Hillal-I-Jurat!"

In his counting he have raised many questions that Christians of Pakistan have no Christian justice in high courts and supreme courts of Pakistan nor any Christian have been promoted up to the ranks of chief of staff of armed forces. He further points that in Pakistan Christians have been never the prime minister or president of the state. More over he puts on record the three majority Christian states in the union of India and points out Christians of Pakistan with no Christian province in the federation of Pakistan.

We accept the plea of this Indian Christian readers but wish to submit that apart from all these highlights there are still millions of Christian Dallits fighting for their equal rights and attacks on churches, desecration of graveyard and killing of missionary in India still exist and can not be denied by any such arguments.

The Hindu Muslim riots are the major black spot on the Indian secular claims from decades and the situations with Buddhists and Sikhs are very clear on the record of international community.
Our motive is to promote peace and social justice in the south Asia among the majority and minority communities.

The countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, srilanka; Nepal and Bhutan have large number of population of minorities like, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and others in respective states. These minorities are persecuted and deprived of their equal basic democratic rights in one way or other. If there is united platform of the minorities of these south Asian countries then its possible for Indian Christians to launch joint efforts from that platform to press upon the Pakistani government to sanction the privileges mentioned in the angry Christian letter to editor. The Muslims minority leaders of India can express their apprehensions to seek support of other south Asian minorities to end communal violence in India. The Christian and Hindus living in Bangladesh, but than and Nepal can raise their voice for their rights from this forum and ultimately these government can reach to any joint pact or accord to safeguard the rights of minorities in their lands.

Pakistan Christian post is the media which can express the voice of all the minority communities living in south Asia for this joint venture. We are pleased that Christian, Hindus and Muslims of south Asia are our readers and PCP can be contact bridge for their unity and united platform to prevail harmony among different religious minorities to end their persecution and discrimination on race, creed, religion and colour.

Nazir S Bhatti.

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