Pakistani preacher with secret identity in USA.


Jesus for Muslims is an active evangelism organization in North America and around the world to preach the message of Christianity among Muslim communities and nations. The holy and noble work of this organization is very unique and valuable in terms

Its preferred to call Jesus for Muslims a movement rather than organization when churches are recommended as organizations and more involved in structural and administrative activities to bind congregations than aiming at real evangelistic works and Jesus for Muslim seems to be like warriors of Christ to reach the Muslim world only. I was privileged to attend one of their meetings in New York weeks ago. I was pleased to see one of the prominent Pakistani Christian preachers to deliver the message of lord in the meeting. This Pakistani cleric is well known with reference of Bible society of Pakistan. I knew him from student life and very proud of him when he engaged himself in the church service in Pakistan. Due to busy social and political life I never avail an opportunity for years to meet him in Pakistan but was fully aware of his work in promotion of bible.

Very surprisingly he was introduced by different name by the pastor in charge of Jesus for Muslims in the meeting to present his witness and great word of lord Jesus Christ. This Pakistani preacher looked very confused and took all of his time of message to prove from holy scriptures that to keep secret identity is according to the teachings of holy bible when its deem fit in your situation. His sermon was not so powerful under confusions to clarify his adoption of secret identity.

Its pride and prestige of American nation to uphold the freedom of expressions of speech in society in worst scenarios. You are at full liberty to express your feeling in this territory and duly protected by the administration. This nation have been paying high price of this freedom but still they are marching ahead and extend this limit of freedom on globe. This is very important to discuss the circumstances and situation of this Pakistani Christian preacher to doubt on expression of freedom and speech in this country.

There shall be one view that this Pakistani preacher has danger of life in Pakistan from Muslim militant groups on his church activities, which made him so fearful that he adopted secret identity on visiting abroad. Our investigation of weeks was unable to find any evidence of cases registered against him on his religious activities in Pakistan nor any notion of threat from Muslim groups as his family and friends sources revealed to our team. It was confirmed that he was enjoying very luxurious life in Pakistan. It was also confirmed that he have very cordial relation with Muslim clerics and his neighbors observed exchange of dinner visits very often.

It seemed that this Pakistani preacher have presented this secret identity to convince his funding agents in US to make his funding case more powerful and settle his family in US with same as privileged in Pakistan. He may be able to misled his funding agencies here but his role as preacher comes under question and doubts again comparing to the holy works of movements like Jesus for Muslims with courage to present Christian case in fundamental Muslim states.
We know that most of the victims and persecuted Christians like residents of Shanti Nagar and hundred other living in hidings in Pakistan and unable to seek visas to travel abroad to present true situation of fear among poor Christian community in Pakistan can be go in dark and silent if the preacher like this shall keep on working with secret identity on their secret and personal agenda.

We urge the church and social organization in north America to take serious notice of such preachers secret identities and investigate his motives and to consider to establish contacts with real victims of Muslim militants who are so poor that neglected by these church leadership in Pakistan and international community not fully aware of there where about.
Nazir S Bhatti.

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