The so-called pressure groups of Pakistani Christians abroad.


The organizations, associations, groups of people, thinks tanks, politicians, trade unionists, educationists, journalists, lobbyists and recognized spokespersons of any community and nation motivating their works and matters in united by expressions

If we discuss the Pakistani Christian groups claiming to be the pressure groups to adopt this passive form of political action form to highlight their acts fail to prove falling within the definition of pressure groups.

Very firstly these groups abroad are formation of integration defying the basics of unity productive among Pakistani Christians and ultimately no one shall ever count these groups as pressure groups when came in to beings on personnel agenda of certain individuals and more wreaking the Christian cause in Pakistan which demanding united group work for support.
Nor any of such pressure group have contacts to the gross roots of massive in the defined jurisdiction they claim to be working for and not duly recognized in the territorial backgrounds due to lack of any working relationship and continuity in coordination. This gives impression that such groups are self designed using terms of pressure group to misled international community and the effected community.

The contribution of leadership of abroad pressure groups in the national issues and political scenario of Pakistan is not recommendable at any level when they seem totally strangers in the national media as spokespersons of community. Lack of knowledge to the real and true problems with limited and occasional communications is enough to struck them of the list to pose as Pakistani Christian community leaders abroad. Therefore these persons voice is invaluable and meaningless without any positive results.

Media is most important factor to cover the actions of any pressure groups in new millennium. The present electronic media have the trends to cover the truth when the certification is in moments on globe with all checks and balances and actions and effectiveness is the major coverage on dependable source of information. When these Christian pressure groups without expressions of relevant situation are duly neglected and not covered in Pakistan national press of Pakistan and ignored by the independent international press and electronic media proves there enthusiastic.
This is an other face of these pressure groups leadership that they have strong contacts with the establishment through foreign missions of Pakistan which are part of oppression on poor Christian community, creating doubts among minds of Christians as well as in media to doubt their double standards and working for the anti Christian forces and taken as un reliable to seek coverage of any media. They may be termed as bunch of opportunist's only working for their personal benefits. Such elements are never sincere with their commitments in the public.

The major blow is speaking the right issue at wrong occasions and wrong places by the leaderships of these pressure groups. The issues to be discussed in press clubs, press conferences and international arenas are put up in basements of churches. The main reasons is their inability, illiteracy, research work on facts figures, and training of leadership to face the media at recognized localities, which weakens the pressure of issues.

The continuous formation of such pressure groups have weekend the true groups and unity among the Pakistani Christian community abroad even when proceedings of pressure groups is always within the groups to make issues more effective and powerful not having solo flights but most of these groups are encircling few personalities.

Pressure groups aim at legal fights to ensure justice when they feel less in numbers and move to passive resistance but unfortunately non of such pressure groups afraid have established any foundations for victims and persecuted individuals nor they have knocked the doors of justice in Pakistan by filing lawsuits and petitions and bringing the matters in international courts of justices. They have the criteria of their leadership based on temporary relations to some powerful individuals, which is never reliable on count of pressure groups.

Therefore we stress upon such elements to assess their ability and capability of leadership and to step back to their original place to which they belong and let the true leadership to take over this important cause in the best interests of unity and betterment of the Christian community unless the coming generation shall never forgive them. We do not point out these so-called pressure groups because they are not fully aware of use of these political terms but to all those power hungry elements planning to dig down the existing groups and associations abroad for any reasons. We call for broad based coordination moot on unity of all groups before setting up to international conferences to make our issues more powerful and strong by all means.

Nazir S Bhatti.

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