Majority of Christians vote against abolishment of minority seats in parliament.


In recent survey poll on government decision to abolish minority reserved seats in national assembly and provincial assemblies, voted against this decision, confirming their demands to have representation in parliament as adopted in the constitution

More over the government backed up the idea for reserved seats by allocating more seats for women and introduction of new category of reserved seats of technocrats instead of only abolishing the minority reserved seats. This very important issue that why government abolished the minority seats in parliament? Some government sources revealed that NGO, s put this demand to seek equal rights for minorities, some sources claimed that Christian clergy in Pakistan forwarded recommendations but neither confirmed that Christian elected representatives in parliament demanded joint electorate or abolishment of their reserved seats. It very clear that any Christian ex MNA and MPA to whom Christians caste their votes and awarded mandate never moved any motion on floor nor in public statement demanded joint electorate for minorities. The Christian MNAs and MPAs were elected on churches vote banks and they utilized the development fund with the consent of clergy and every thing looked fine from 1985 national general elections till the recent military take over in Pakistan.

Now the leaders of majority community are also demanding the restoration of minority-reserved seats, which means that they take this government decision unjust and unfair.
So, its time for government to come forward and restore the reserved seats in parliament for minorities.

Nazir S Bhatti.

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