Security of Christian leaders in Pakistan.


In the situation of recent attack on Christian worshipers at Islamabad killing 5 innocent people and previous attack at Bahawalpur church killing 16 Christians by the militant groups terrorist acts in Pakistan, as the major blow to harmony and brothe

Within the first ten years of this constitution the riots among victims of 4th amendment were the beginning and introduction of violence in peaceful Pakistani society and till now the oppression in different shapes has been experienced by the small in numbers than this majority sect of Muslims by the Shiite Muslims. Shiite Muslims have been facing the attacks on their mosques and killings of their worshipers, which turned on killing of their religious and political leaders in recent years. The Ahmedi religious minority leadership saved themselves by mass immigration from Pakistan and moving their religious headquarters to West Africa as their leaders have strong media campaigns in western countries to accept them as refugees to save them from same majority sect of Muslims in Pakistan. The shia Muslim community being strong in business sector and well in education field with firm belief in their faith and teachings is still facing this majority sect violence and moreover the neighboring Shiite Muslim state of Iran as moral support to their campaign to safeguard their basic religious and democratic rights is keeping them stand but the situation with poor Christians is entirely different comparing the first victims of oppression the Ahmedi community and secondly the Shia Muslims in Pakistan.

Christians of Pakistan are a community falling under below poverty line in population, having missionary schools but never provided with education opportunities in these establishments and with 9% literacy rate, the business sector participation is 0% and constitutional guarantees to their rights are ignored in Pakistan. In the present scenario when the majority sect of Muslim community have chosen them as target its impossible for poor Christians to face them or launch any campaign to save them when their leadership is not effective and unable to launch media campaign to keep informed the international community of violence against because their leadership with access to international forums is not sincere to Christian cause in religion as well as in political field.

Therefore the government is supposed to provide security to those poor and true social, religious and political leaders who live in colonies encircled by this Muslim majority and raise voice against violence no matter if its in shape of victimization under blasphemy laws, rape and forcible conversion of Christian women, snatching agriculture lands to force Christians to leave their homes and killing Christian worshipers in churches. They walk on streets to reach their work places and travel in buses to participate in Sunday prayers which can make them easy prey of those elements who dislike to read their press conferences, press statements, rallies and protests.

The failure on part of government is record to protect the other communities under attack of this particular Muslim majority but still the administration have opportunity to arrest the killers of church worshipers to spread their militancy to ward the Christian leadership because if necessary measures are not adopted the fear of attacks of extremist Muslim militant groups on Christian leadership is on head.

Nazir S Bhatti.
President, Pakistan Christian Congress
Editor, Pakistan Christian Post
March 22, 2002.
New York.

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