Now massacre of Christian worshipers in capital of Pakistan.


The arrest of the killers of bahawalpur church have been always demanded by christians. The accused militants were identified and apprehended according to police sources but all of them were released without being charged. Like most of the incidents

The incident of Bahawalpur church was not first incident of attack and massacre in Pakistan because such attacks have been observed weather Babri mosque was demolished in India by Hindu community, Palestinians were under fire of Israel in middle east and any writings or issue was discussed in the western world against Muslims.

The attacks and killing of worshipers by sectarian groups have been under investigations of administration from many years in Pakistan and government failed to stop it happening. The Christians feared the safety in Pakistan after the war against terrorism in Afghanistan but due consideration was never paid which resulted in the sad incident of Bahawalpur church. If the government have kept the promise to guarantee the safeguard of Christian minority and militant involved have been brought to justice the kidnapping and brutal murder of journalist Daniel pearl have not taken place as the same militant group was found involve which openly accepted the responsibility of Bahawapur church massacre.

On other hand the action to put ban on militant groups in Pakistan was highly appreciated by all the peace-loving elements in Pakistan but the administration neglected to curb the roots of these groups when fully aware of the profiles of each and every militant from decades during Afghan war and actions in Kashmir. These groups prove their active strength after ban by attacks and killing in Rawalpindi and Karachi and now they have proved that capital of Pakistan is also under their reach and they have brutally murdered the Christians worshipers. The most important factor of this terrorist act is that this church was attended by the Christian diplomats and very close to the American embassy in Islamabad. The law enforcement agencies were fully aware that foreign mission delegates have been in this place every Sunday to offer prayers and religious rituals and security of this church might be on first priority after the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl but same was neglected when the Gujrat riots were major issue of security of minorities around the world and Muslims reaction like past was feared in Pakistan.

In this Massacre at Islamabad church American have been killed among the local Christians and dozens have been injured which can raise the death toll but the most important issue is again the same that authorities shall be sincere in arrests of this terrorist attacks or promises shall be made and matter shall be filed.

We strongly condemned this terrorist attack and demand the arrest of killers that peace and harmony may prevail in society and minorities may feel safe and secure in Pakistan

Nazir S Bhatti,
President. Pakistan Christian Congress
Editor, Pakistan Christian Post
March 17, 2002.

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