Moulana fazal ul Rehman ON CHRISTIAN PROVINCE


Jamiat ul Ulma e Islam(F) is Muslims religious political party headed by Mulana Fazal Ul Rehman, son of late Mufti Mahmood.a prominent religious leader in sub continent of India. in the able leadership of Mufti Mahmood the JUI as taken as very libera

In recent months the JUI led by Fazal ur Rehman is issuing statements the NGO,s are planning to form a seperate christian province in Paistan. We shall discuss this issue in the light of prevailing situation and frequent comments by the Amir of JUI. Its very important that JUI under leadership of Fazal rehman is no more a liberal religious political party and his role in AFGANISTAN with help of international NGO,s to fight against Russia is major factor in change of its liberal policies.

Its fact that Western governments played all the plans in Afganistan through the NGO,s and funds and Arms were distributed to these religious parties to hire religious freedom fighters to finish progressive government in Afganistan backed by Russia. All the secret services of government of Pakistan were also fully involved in this operations against Russia.The JUI is well aware of the role of NGO,s,but its very important that now the preent NGO,s working in Pakistan are not equipped with the powers and resoueces of the orgnizations of Afgan war.

The JUP and all other religious and political parties of Pakistan know that they have turned millions of christians to be second class citizens and haterate among religious communities is at its peak now and at worst stage experienced by the Muslims of India from Hindu majorty witch forced them to demand a seperate home land for them and division of India and formation of Pakistan.The christians are facing miserable situations in every walk of life and muslim majority is creating continious hardships for them and depriving of their rights.

Now muslim majority is in fear that christians demanding SEPRATE CHRISTIAN PROVINCE can work on this agenda.Pakistan Christian Congress is the first christian political party to demand seperate christian province in pakistan.But the government agencies started working against the leaders
of PCC and used these NGO,s to propogate against PCC in national general elections that PCC leaders may not put this issue on floors of National and Provincial assemblies.

Nazir S. Bhatti, president, PCC, demanded the seprate christian province and division of Punjab province, where the christians are second biggest population and the hate among religious communities is immence in Punjab.When we discuss the future of this demand its fact that this is the voice of every christian of pakistan and muslim majority is forceing them to take this demand seriously.

PCC is working on the issue of seperate christian province since 1990, keeping in view the behaviour of the muslim majority of Pakistan. PCC annual general convention at Peshwar adopted a resoulation to demand for division of Punjab province and formation of Christian Province that christians in federation of Pakistan may enjoy the due rights. PCC council also passed resoulations to formation of Serakie province and Pakhtoon khawa Province.

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