Decision on Asia Bibi case remains one of daring step by former CJ Saqib Nisar. By Dr. Nazir Bhatti


When we discuss period of former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar then many issues arise of his Suo-Mottu notices on which he built his activism but Asia Bibi release from jail remains his one of very important step.

It is noted that CJ Saqib Nisar was one of component of Military Establishment and National Accountability Bureau NAB as trio of it have ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as conspired by ISI, a wing of Pak Army to pave way for elections of 2018, to bag it for Imran Khan.

Through higher court of Pakistan, many leaders were disqualified from contesting elections from Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Group to dismantle it as ISI have done with MQM from Sindh. The most difficult task was to break up of MQM due its very strong organization but ISI completed it with support of PPP and PML (N) as PPP was used to prolong Rangers stay in Karachi and PML (N) to press from federation to keep Rangers and make arrests of MQM workers and leaders.

The next phase was against PML (N), on which PPP and Imran Khan PTI was used but unfortunately, they were not successful as ISI planned through sending its leader Nawaz Sharif in jail.

All such drama was witnessed by people of Pakistan that how judges and courts were used to silence MQM leader Altaf Hussain and PML (N) leader Nawaz Sharif but who so ever raised voiced he was taken under contempt of court orders and made to stay away from national general elections of 2018.

Apart from all such controversies, when Christians see the decision of release of Asia Bibi then they are forced to back Justice Saqib Nisar as he took this step when he knew that there will be very strong reaction on it by religious groups.

The fate of Asia Bibi became unclear after her release from Multan Jail on orders of CJ Saqib Nisar as she was taken to any undisclosed location by Agents of ISI and no one knows weather she in contact with her parents or not.

Anyhow, this decision of release of Asia Bibi stands tall by CJ Saqib Nisar weather he done it on intimation of Chief of Army General Bajwa who was asked for her release during his visit to EU countries in May 2018, by many head of states.

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