The fear of attacks on Pakistani Christians.


The Muslim majority in Pakistan is divided in two groups on issue to support the government decision to join hands with international community to end terrorism. This issue was raised by the United States administration after the terrorist attacks of

As Laden have been in Afghanistan from decades under protection of Talban government, operating his word wide actions and accepting the responsibilities of east African US embassies bombing few years ago and openly favoring the action in Kashmir and Chechnya. The US administration demanded the Taliban Government to hand over Asama Bin Laden to face justice accordingly. The majority of Pakistani Muslims favored government of Pakistan but an other group of Muslims in Pakistan condemned this decision.

Both of these groups are taking out processions and organizing rallies to express their views. The religious parties in Afghanistan defiance Council are agitating in favor of Afghanistan Taliban government, taking Asama as their Hero and pressing upon the government of Pakistan to stay away from international communities from any actions to arrest Laden, declaring it holy war and taking it their religious duty to protect Asama bin Laden. In other group, the major political parties of Pakistan are in favor to end terrorism and stress upon Afghan government to hand over Asama bin Laden to face justice.

In this wave of protests in favor of government and anti government elements, the Christians of Pakistan have been found silent again. Their leaders from Bishop Conference of Pakistan or other so called political organizations, very famous to hold rallies and press conferences to high light them in national press, seem senseless and very quite on this issue. We can say that again they are losing an opportunity to work with the main stream of national situation in Pakistan. On other hand, these so called christian leadership is busy now a days on writing letters to some head of states of over seas governments to rescue them from fear of on coming attacks of anti government group of Muslims comprising of religious parties.

In these crucial times of move against terrorism their failure to support the international community can weaken their role and their call of support from them on religious freedom issues in Pakistan. If they think that they are not united and strong enough, they can do so by openly joining the group in favor of government.

This is the time for Christians of Pakistan to play an active and positive role in Pakistan because if one group attacks their life and properties during these issues at least on powerful and in majority Muslim group can come forward to protect them in any incident of feared attack on them. Christians are suppose to maintain that they are son of soil and they have to live in Pakistan and their safety is in Pakistan not in abroad. They must keep in view that hundreds of Shia Muslims have been killed in mosques of Pakistan by the hands of their fellow Muslim sects but still shia Muslims are living in Pakistan and fighting for their rights, If Muslims in Pakistan can dare to kill their Muslim brothers on sectarian issues, the Christians are not safe in Pakistan but they are suppose to stand united and keep on their struggle as Pakistani nation.

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