Low Turnout disappoints organizers of London Protest by UK Pakistani Christians.


I was looking for news item about London Protest by UK Pakistani Christians scheduled on December 19, 2009, but not found in any web search. I thought may be I will find it on Facebook where any participant of protest might have left any comment or picture of rally but non was there also. I found one mail in which the organizers have released the brief about protest. It was not surprising for me to read that such an important protest when a petition was supposed to be handed over to PM of UK to press upon government of Pakistan to ensure justice for persecuted Pakistani Christians failed to attract large gathering. I opened blog which have been narrating proceedings of preparations of this protests and was shocked to read word “Disappointed” on low turnout.
I decided to tell my story to encourage my friends of British Pakistani Christian Association that “Quality” counts for success not “Quantity”. The Movement is like a Train on which from one Station people get on and get off on next but Train keeps moving leaving passengers on their Destinations while Train only stops at last stop which is Train’s Destination. The Movement for Rights of 20 million Pakistani Christian is also like a Train, which is moving ahead towards destination to achieve their free land to enjoy freedom to establish social justice. There will many stations within destination, from some stations big crowd will get on Train to make it crowded and from some stations many will leave Train to make us lonely to feel solitude.
I will recall my one hunger strike in front of UNO office at Clifton, Karachi, to protest killing of Mushtaq Masih in Korangi Police Station lockup during investigation of fabricated robbery case. We were four PCC members who decided to stage hunger strike to demand arrest of police officers involved in extrajudicial killing of an innocent Christian youth of Korangi, Karachi East. We distributed press release in Karachi newspapers to announce hunger strike and reached at 4:00 PM with banners and play cards in a pickup at UN office. There was not any other Christian to put garland in our necks at start of hunger strike as custom in Pakistani politics. Our first night was lonely and we were ’Disappointed” but we prayed and were satisfied that we were fighting for justice for innocent Christian. Next, morning as usual, representative of UN come outside gate to enquire our motives. We saw one Pakistan Rangers truck on other side of hunger strike venue in afternoon which scared us because emergency was imposed in Sindh province in that period. No one approached us from Pakistan Rangers nor we moved to leave hunger strike camp. At about 5:00 PM one reporter from “Evening Special” visited our camp and took few photographs and again it was dark summer night. At 8;00 PM two plain clothe police officers from “Minority Intelligence Department” came to talk with us and offered investigation against police officers but dialogues broke when we insisted on filing of murder case against Korangi Police Station officers.
On third day it was same lonely day and we were feeling effects of hunger and thirst when Late Shakeel Bhatti who was Information Secretary of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC became unconscious. We insisted Shakeel Bhatti to drink water and go to hospital but he refused to abandon hunger strike.
Then we witnessed a miracle, in posh area of Clifton where UN office was situated in Karachi, was difficult to locate but we saw one rickshaw and two Christians were there to put us garlands. Till evening, there were dozens of Christians coming and going with flowers. The Karachi Christians found our hunger strike camp in Clifton and there was big gathering that night. On fourth day, Deputy Commissioner South came for dialogue and announced before press to file FIR against police on murder of Mushtaq Masih.
Therefore, my friends in British Pakistani Christians Association, do not be disappoint on low turnout in your demonstration. There may be weather an obstacle or so-called Christian leaders who are agents of government of Pakistan and planning to discourage true and committed Christians. It is our duty not to get down of Train: The Movement Train: The Destination is ours:

Nazir S Bhatti,
President, Pakistan Christian Congress PCC

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